Making the Case For/Against Mark Ingram for the Rams

Alabama RB Mark Ingram has been a polarizing figure among Rams fans. Julio Jones isn’t the only former Crimson Tide player in contention to be selected by the St. Louis Rams at 14.  Many local and national media types have at least broached the subject of the Rams interest in the Alabama running back, including […]

Rams MockThree Update: Time to Get Physical

The Rams add punishment with the additions of Wisconsin G John Moffitt (above) and Boise State S Jeron Johnson (below). MockThree is steamrolling forward like a … well, like a steamroller. Sorry, it’s late on a Friday and my metaphor bank is about empty. And as we enter the meat of the draft, the Rams […]

The Rest of the West: Part 3: Seattle Seahawks

Series: A look at the other three teams in the most wide open division in football. Jake Locker graduates from college and goes to work right away for the local pro company. Isn’t that the way these things are supposed to work? What a difference a year makes.  A year ago at this time, the Rams were […]

The Rest of the West: Part 2: San Francisco 49ers

Series: A look at the other three teams in the most wide open division in football. After yet another regime change, is it finally time for the 49ers to admit that the Alex Smith Era is over? Drafting Blaine Gabbert would say yes. What a difference a year makes.  A year ago at this time, […]

Mock Three kicks off: So sad…

We assembled a crack team for the Rams war room in Mock Three, spanning three Rams blogs and four reasonably sound minds, and spent a good chunk of Friday building our draft board. Now that our pick is in, I don’t mind sharing our board with you: Option 1: Julio Jones … taken by the […]

The Rest of the West: Part 1: Arizona Cardinals

Series: A look at the other three teams in the most wide open division in football. UNC Defensive End Robert Quinn could have Sam Bradford in the crosshairs next season. What a difference a year makes.  A year ago at this time, the Rams were the team no one wanted to be.  A team in […]

Corey Liuget: “I’ve got my fingers crossed for #14”

Corey Liuget on the NFL Network set. More photos here. The MockThree draft is kicking off next week, and each team will be represented not just by a single twitterer or blogger, but by a WAR ROOM of pseudo-cognoscenti. Our Rams draft room is headed by Tyson Langland of Pro Football Focus, and includes Van […]

Rams should heed history before drafting Liuget

Could Liuget be the next in a long line of failed defensive tackle first round picks for the Rams? Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Einstein’s words have echoed loud and clear over the last decade of Rams drafts, especially in […]

Comparing two 7-round mock drafts: Which path will the Rams take?

Two prominent 7-round mock drafts were conducted recently — one a marathon produced by New Era Scouting, the other a wide-open sprint with 32 participants on Twitter each acting as an assigned GM for their team. working under the hashtag #MockOne. The Rams were represented by Tyson Langland of Pro Football Focus. The two drafts […]

Billy Devaney’s draft board revealed: “We won’t take a QB.”

Rams GM Billy Devaney had a lively interview with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk on their PFT Live program. (We will add an updated link when and if the show gets archived.) Early in the interview, Devaney pulled the curtain back on his draft board: “I’m going to go out on a limb and […]

Spagnuolo’s four pillars and the Rams’ draft board

How much influence does Spagnuolo and his pillars have on Billy Devaney’s draft board? In Marvin Austin, you might see a defensive lineman with immense physical gifts, ferocity, and untapped skills who, in the right scheme and with the right coach, could explode as one of the best players of the draft. Or, you might […]

Quick peek: rising WR Randall Cobb

WR Randall Cobb, Kentucky’s lone representative on ESPN’s all-SEC team. The two elites in this year’s draft class — AJ Green and Julio Jones — are well known. And the second tier of receivers usually consists of — in any particular order depending on the scout and the team — Jonathan Baldwin, Torrey Smith, Leonard […]

With the 14th Pick in the Bloguin Mock Draft, the Rams Select…

The University of Missouri called Aldon Smith their “future Deacon Jones.” Where better to earn that legacy than with the Rams.  (Photo: Parker Eshelman, Columbia Daily Tribune)  Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri The Rams will find themselves in a very tough value spot if the draft shakes out the way it has in the 2011 Bloguin […]

Bloguin Mock Draft update: Rams are on the clock!

Corey Liuget has emerged as a favorite for the Rams in recent mock drafts. But is he good value at #14? The Bloguin Mock Draft steamrolls on, with the Minnesota Vikings stopping the free-fall of DE Da’Quan Bowers, and the Detroit Lions finally deciding to keep their franchise QB upright by selecting OT Anthony Costanzo. […]