Deacon Jones: A Game-Changing Legend Passes

Even among professional athletes, the elite of the elite among those to ever play a sport, there are levels of greatness that can elevate you to various levels of immortality. There is single-game (or even single-play) greatness, such as The Tackle that won Super Bowl XXXIV for the Rams and won Mike Jones a hero's […]

Three UDFA Rams Rookies to Watch

This weekend marked the first time that the Rams rookies got on the field to work with Rams coaches. Seven draft picks, 22 undrafted free agents, and a busload of "tryout" players — promised nothing but a hotel room and a chance to earn a coach's eye — made their way to Earth City and […]

Taking the Reins: This is Sam Bradford’s Team Now

One of my favorite stories in Rams lore was in a week nine loss against the Lions during the 1999 Super Bowl season. The loss was nothing special, one of three on the season, but Kurt Warner’s story from that day echoes in my head as this St. Louis team experiences a changing of the […]

Jared Cook adds spice to a bland Rams offense

There’s a new chef in town. By acquiring former Titan TE Jared Cook on the first day of free agency, the Rams may have very well signed the most versatile and able-bodied weapon available.  Les Snead has stressed getting weapons for Sam Bradford, but he also mentioned that the only way to measure production is […]

On Credibility

Not that anyone reads it, but we have a brief writer's guide here at RamsHerd. Right at the top, it says: We aren’t a magazine or a newspaper, but we can follow a basic journalistic code: be unique check your facts check your spelling and don’t rip people off. That was my attempt at setting […]

Twitter – The Death of Journalism

  Many of you know that I am not a professional journalist.  However, even I can figure out whether something is newsworthy.  The whole notion that someone on twitter says something so I will report it is ludicrous.  It is not journalism.  Today, this was taken to all new heights.  Let’s go through the background […]

Rams claim Titus Young: the hidden risks of a “no-risk” move

The St Louis Rams took a chance that no other team in the NFL was willing to, putting in a waiver claim on Titus Young. Young had been released by the Detroit Lions earlier this week for all kinds of conduct detrimental to his team, which raises a huge question: why would Jeff Fisher take […]

RamsHerd on the Radio: Super Bowl Preview

The latest episode of the Shields of Dreams radio show took place during the second half of the AFC Championship game, with Baltimore and New England locked up at 14-13. Co-hosts Tim and Vinnie had to keep one eye on the scoreboard while keeping the conversation flowing. Guest list: Robert McBride, head coach of Lansing […]

Rams hire Rob Ryan. Is he better than his record?

By hiring Rob Ryan to be his defensive coordinator, Jeff Fisher completes a circle of sorts. Fisher came up in the NFL as one of many understudies of Buddy Ryan. Fisher's coaching life begain as his playing career ended, as a member of the elder Ryan's vaunted 1985 Chicago Bears defense. Years later, Buddy Ryan […]

RamsHerd on the Radio: 2013 Conference Championship Edition

Our resident master of media, Tim Shields, has been producing fantastic video breakdowns of key Rams plays all season long. Now, he is branching out once again, this time into sports radio.  This Sunday evening, after the playoff games are over, I will be joining Tim on his new radio show (tentatively titled "Shields of […]

2012 Performance Review: Danny Amendola

Well, Bob, here we are again. It’s the end of the year, and we’ve got guys whose contract with the Rams is up. It’s a fun time, isn’t it? I mean, fun for us, not so much for these guys who just spent five months getting the you-know-what beat out of them every week, and […]

RG3’s knee adds a painful variable in the Rams-Redskins draft trade

Holding the #2 pick in the 2012 draft and a mandate to rebuild the St Louis Rams in his image, Jeff Fisher had a big decision to make. Should he stick with Sam Bradford, to whom the franchise had committed vast resources — both financially and philosophically — or move on and draft one of […]