Quick Reactions (Round 6): TE Fendi Onobun & DE Eugene Sims

Yes, you read that right. For the second round in a row, the Rams spent two picks on a tight end with a funny name, and a project at defensive end. But this crop looks a lot more intriguing than the last — less ready to start, perhaps, but both have high ceilings. Fendi Onobun […]

Quick Reactions (Round 4): Rams Draft WR Mardy Gilyard

The Rams led off the third day of the NFL Draft with the first pick of the fourth round, and apparently the Rams war room was able to kick back with some mimosas, with little worry or debate over who they were going to take when the clock started. #Rams draft another little, fast receiver […]

Quick reactions (Round 3): Rams draft Jerome Murphy

For the second year in a row, the Rams used a third-round pick on a big, physical press corner. Last year’s pick, Bradley Fletcher, showed great promise until he wrecked his knee in the “House of Horrors” (otherwise known as the Edward Jones Dome). Jerome Murphy isn’t quite a re-do, as the Rams expect Fletcher […]

Saffold, Barron, and Smith: a Prediction

Barron plans to sign his tender and report to Rams Park in time for the start of OTAs (organized team activities) in mid-May. The Rams have yet to confirm it, but all indications are that Jason Smith will be switched to left tackle this season, which would mean Barron and Saffold could compete against each […]

Quick reactions (Round 2): Rams draft OT Rodger Saffold

With Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy available at the beginning of Day 2, the popular consensus was that the Rams would field dozens of calls for the top pick, and the hardest job would be simply picking the best offer. Devaney — in a calculated move to fire up the hot stove — openly said […]

Dawn of Round Two: Who’s the Rams’ BATFAN?

As I write, the Rams still own the first pick of the second round and we are less than one hour away from the announcement of the next draft choice. And looking at the lists of who’s available, I don’t see a strong candidate for the Rams to draft — in short, who’s the BATFAN? […]

Rams Choose Bradford: The Five Big Next Steps

The Rams select Sam Bradford #1 overall. Are things finally looking up at quarterback? Is was a lot of hard work for Sam Bradford, to rehabilitate and work his way back to the position that, arguably, he held at the end of the 2008 season: the top overall pick. Six months of intense therapy, weight […]

Recommended Reading: A Profile of the Original Draftnik

Long before The Hair. Before the draft went prime time. Before the internet and its proliferation of sports statistics and scouting opinion went mainstream, there was one bone-thin man, untouched by the rays of the sun, who knew more about the draft than anyone else. While he was alive, there was possibly more pro football […]

Updated: FanBall Network Mock Draft v2

I’m a few days behind, as the FanBall NFL Blog network (of which we are proud to be a member) completed the second rev of our community mock draft. Here’s the results. With the #33 pick in mind, let’s pay close attention to who wasn’t drafted as much as to who was. 1) St. Louis […]

What is the #33 pick worth? (And can the Rams get it?)

This year’s draft is going to be unique for a number of reasons, and the Rams — holding the first pick of the second round — are in a unique position to be able to take advantage. The prospect of an uncapped year, perhaps the last year without a cap on rookie contracts, and the […]

Five Stages of Acceptance: Sam Bradford is the Pick

Yesterday’s poll, asking whether I should stick to my guns and go down fighting for the Ndamukong Suh pick or go with the increasingly strong momentum toward Sam Bradford, has generated mixed results: equal votes both ways. But more telling than the vote cast, to me, was the relative lack of response, even for a […]

FanBall Mock Draft v2.0: To Suh or not to Suh?

Free Agency has begun, teams that have decided to be aggressive — the Eagles, Cardinals, and Bears to name a few — have already filled needs, and teams that were only flirting retired back to the shadows. The dynamic of needs and wants has changed accordingly, and the rest of my FanBall NFL brethren are […]