Rounding up the Herd: Post-Draft Grades Edition

Grades for the draft are handed out like those for a test, A, B, C, well you get the point. However a rather larger difference exists between the two types of grades. On a test for example there are right and wrong answers and for the most part a finite number of answers. One would […]

NFC West: Division Draft Recap

The NFC West has been the butt of jokes now for years. In the very short term, this year’s draft class will do little to change that. The West has gone without a “respectable” division power since the days of the Greatest Show Rams and the Steve Hutchinson Seahawks. (Yes, I’m glossing over a surprising […]

2011 Draft: Rams passing on RBs in late rounds.

The Rams are quite the passing team now. Even after Billy Devaney all but promised to find help in the running game for Steven Jackson in the draft, the Rams have ‘passed’ on backs over and over, draft after draft.  Last year, the Rams got leapfrogged by Detroit for Jahvid Best at the tail end […]

Rams Add Red Zone Playmaker In Round Three

Boise State’s Titus Young and Austin Pettis were both Day 2 picks in the NFL Draft Austin Pettis became the newest Ram when he was selected with the 78th overall pick on Friday night.  Without a doubt, Pettis comes from one of the most prolific offenses in the country at Boise State.  Boise State ranked […]

Rounding up the Herd: 1st Round Edition

Well we all got it wrong. Myself and the other writes here at RamsHerd.  Kiper, McShay, Mayock…all of us, and I’m glad we did.   No one had DE Robert Quinn from North Carolina falling to the Rams at 14. And this didn’t have the same feel as 2003 When DT Jimmy Kennedy fell to St. Louis. […]

Did we call it? McDaniels gets his 2nd round TE

The Rams had Marvin Austin, Stephen Paea, Torrey Smith, Mikel Leshoure and plenty of other highly touted talents lined up in front of them with the 45th pick, and took… Wisconsin TE Lance Kendricks? Come again? I mean, the Kyle Rudolph draft day rumor was just smoke, right? Josh McDaniels’ predilection for overdrafting guys would […]

Debunking a Day 2 Story: Could the Rams Really Take Kyle Rudolph?

McDaniels overdrafting tight ends? Would ne-e-e-e-e-ever happen. High on the list of Day Two needs and wish list items for the Rams: defensive tackle, outside linebacker, running back, wide receiver. Nowhere to be found on that list of offensive weapons, though, is tight end. I mean, why would there be, with three already on the […]

NFL Draft: Round One Recap (Picks 17-32)

Mark Ingram and Nick Saban spent a long, long time on the ESPN SadCam The first 32 picks are always unpredictable — not an empty phrase, these picks are literally impossible to predict from top to bottom. (ESPN reportedly offered a cool $30 mil to anyone who could do it … but you’d have a […]

NFL Draft: Round One Recap (Picks 1-16)

Commissioner Roger Goodell and new Carolina quarterback Cam Newton. Photo from Not pictured: boos. The first 32 picks are always unpredictable — not an empty phrase, these picks are literally impossible to predict from top to bottom. (ESPN reportedly offered a cool $30 mil to anyone who could do it … but you’d have […]

Round 2 Wish List

The first round of the draft is a wrap, and UNC’s Robert Quinn is the newest St. Louis Ram.  There were definitely some surprises, reaches, and drops in the first round. With that said, I’d like to take a look at some key prospects the Rams could possibly target with their second round pick, that […]

Rams select DE Robert Quinn: Survey Says “YES!”

The Rams had to be jumping for joy every time a quarterback’s name was called — four times in the first 12 picks — in the opening hour of the 2011 draft. Because every time we heard names like Locker and Ponder and Gabbert, it meant that a top-tier defensive talent was going to fall. […]

Live-blogging the NFL Draft: Round One, begin! FIGHT!

Derek Pease (SportsByWeeze) Just making sure I’ve got this rt… according to reports #Rams might go DT, DE, RB, TE, G or WR in the 1st. Glad we cleared that up #luvrumors The first ever RamsHerd liveblog (powered by CoverItLive) opens up at 6:30 CST, half an hour before the clock starts on the Carolina […]

Five NFL Draft Horror Stories that even Rams fans can be scared of

Damione Lewis game-worn jersey for sale. Anyone? Anyone? When a draft pick busts spectacularly, like Jamarcus Russell, Troy Williamson, or Courtney Brown, it makes headlines and that player’s name is immortalized in excrement for that team’s fan base. But when an entire draft class evaporates into valuelessness, it can set back a team for years. […]

Marshall Faulk, Steven Jackson, and the life cycle of Rams running backs

Marshall Faulk is all smiles, now that his job isn’t on the line.Only seven years ago, Rams legend Marshall Faulk was coming off an 11 touchdown season when the team pulled somewhat of a shocker and selected Steven Jackson 24th overall in the 2004 draft out of Oregon State. Ironically, Faulk was selected Thursday to […]