Rams trade Greg Salas to Patriots. Devaney draftees wonder who’s next.

Chris Givens in particular stands to pick up plays that might otherwise have gone to Greg Salas. The New York Jets have a cavalier attitude toward their draft picks, having already waived four of their eight selections from the 2012 draft. The Rams’ 2012 picks and college free agents have no such worries: an astounding […]

The Gameday Gambit

Try! I’m known for trying to do almost anything when it comes to the St. Louis Rams. In doing so, I’ve learned a great deal. For instance, Photoshop doesn’t really capture the majesty of a Rams game ticket, or at least that’s what the guys at the stadium entrance have told me on more than […]

Rams reach for Vernon Gholston, the defensive Ryan Leaf

Vernon Gholston’s career high point might have come at the NFL Combine. It’s been all downhill from there. There is a time every year before the NFL season begins when we all wonder what’s going on a little more than usual. Sure, we all ponder things like coaches and draft picks – not to mention […]

Too bad it didn’t count: Rams dominate Chiefs in preseason home opener

  To quote Sam Bradford, “Wow.” That was his response to Danny Amendola’s highlight-reel-worthy one-handed, no-look touchdown catch that put the Rams up 14-0. But it may as well extend to the whole game, a 180-degree turnaround from last week and one of those rare football days when every single thing seems to go right. […]

Rams fans have to wait for Fisherball.

On Sunday in Indianapolis, Jeff Fisher walked onto an NFL field as head coach for the first time since 2010. We’re still waiting for his team to show up.  I’ve had my sensible take on the Rams’ 38-3 loss to the Colts. It’s only the preseason, after all, and it was obvious from the start […]

Protecting Steven Jackson? A brave new idea for the Rams

Do the Rams finally have plan in place to protect Steven Jackson? For what appears to be the first time since splitting time with Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk the St. Louis Rams appear to have options in easing the workload on running back Steven Jackson. One year closer to the ominous wall of turning […]

Camp Battles: Paul Boudreau vs Jason Smith

Image credit: Paul Boudreau knew when he came on board as the Rams’ offensive line coach that he had a fight on his hands. He inherited the one of the worst-ranked offensive lines in the game, whose franchise tackles were both undermined by injuries and ineffective play. Two weeks into Rams camp, 30 days […]

Rams Fan Fest 2012: Up Close and Personal (Photos)

Photo: running my fingers through the turf and the rubber “dirt” on the Rams’ home field. A lot of things have changed over the past few years for the Rams, following Georgia Frontiere’s death. Even as questions remain over the team’s long-term future in St Louis, the Rams have been working to reconnect with the […]

RamsCamp 2012: Knocking The Rust Off Sam Bradford’s Deep Pass

At Rams Camp on a sweltering friday afternoon, I paid close attention to Sam Bradford – his timing and his targets in his passing drills. I wanted to pay particular attention to how quickly he was able to deliver the ball after the snap, and whether he could avoid “sacks” behind his offensive line. The […]

Rams Camp 2012: The Bubble Players

Anthropological research suggests that we can make strong, comfortable associations with small numbers.  (“What? Is that really how you want to start an article?” Yes, stay with me now. It’ll get better, I promise.) “One” and “two” have very specific identities in our minds – the single and the pair. Likewise, “three” is the triangle […]

Rams Camp 2012: Three Things to Watch

We’re just a few days away from the first open Rams practice of the season, which has become a bit of an event for local fans. Sort of like the swallows returning to Capistrano, it isn’t in and of itself a very unusual event — football players practice, we get it — but it heralds […]

Rams set for camp battle at receiver position

Brian McIntyre at recently profiled the Rams’ WR battle as one of the league’s camp competitions to watch. And in doing so, he gives us his picks to make the roster, and highlights who he thinks is on the bubble. Let’s start with the givens (pun intended): The Rams used the No. 33 overall draft […]