Super Bowl Wrap

Super Bowl XLV Sunday Feb 6, 2011 31 25 Hope you all are enjoying your post-Super Bowl Monday. Just a few quick thoughts on the big game and surrounding festivities for your enjoyment. How many coach of the year votes did Mike McCarthy get? Not nearly as many as he deserved was my thought, after […]

Playoff Report: How to be a Wildcard

Wildcard Weekend: Seahawks (7-9) vs Saints (11-5) Saturday, January 9, 2011 41 36 “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible […]

Recap: No rhythm, no rhyme, no Rams playoff berth

Week 17: Seahawks (6-9) vs Rams (7-8) Jan 2, 2011 16 6 Recap | Box Score | Video “We never got into a rhythm. We never came close to getting into a rhythm.” — Sam Bradford, on the Rams’ offense The internet wolves are howling for Pat Shurmur’s blood after a brutal offensive performance […]

New Rams, new disappointment

I’m not going to try for objective analysis yet. This loss twists in my gut like I’d swallowed a rat and a rabid squirrel, and they’re fighting to the death. The Rams lost the game on the football field to an amped up Seattle Seahawks team, that’s one thing. But more than that, they lost […]

The heat is on: beating the blitz will be key for Bradford, Rams

Bradford escapes the pressure in Week 4 vs the Seahawks. In this weekend’s Q&A, HawkBlogger offered this choice bit of competitive intel: “The Seahawks like to blitz a lot, and leave themselves vulnerable as a result. Pick up the blitz, and you have a great chance of getting easy chunks of yardage.” This tendency was […]

Week 17 Q&A with HawkBlogger

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Hawkblogger, one of the most thoughtful independent Seahawks blogs out there, for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to follow

Scouting report: Charlie Whitehurst in the crosshairs.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for Matt Hasselbeck, but I think when Charlie Whitehurst gets in there, he’s every bit as effective as Matt,” Spagnuolo said in a conference call Wednesday, presumably with a straight face. — Seattle PI: “Spagnuolo: Whitehurst ‘every bit as effective’ as Hasselbeck“ As the Seahawks and Rams gird […]

Toasting the new year, Rams style

To the 2010 year that has seen our Rams crawl, and then walk, and then run at last, I will run to my bar, walk with my friends, then crawl home at last. To each pick of our draft, I drink each a draught. And for each proudly held win, I toast again and again. […]

Competitive Intelligence: Could Tony Softli be the next 49ers GM?

The Rams future nemesis? MaioccoCSN Just spoke with first-known person interviewed for 49ers GM job, Tony Softli: “Everything went well and I’m excited about the opportunity.” The Rams might never admit it, but there has to be a certain amount of pride and schadenfreude in not only beating the 49ers, but in knocking their organization […]

Danario Alexander: Inside a game-changing performance

Do the Rams have a legitimate deep threat in Danario Alexander? Consider this question answered. Midway through the second quarter, up 9-7 but trying to shake the cobwebs on offense after consecutive three-and-outs, Pat Shurmur went back to his passing game to move the chains, and with a 3rd and 4 on the doorstep of […]

Rams win their first “playoff” game

Week 16: 49ers (5-9) at Rams (6-8) Dec 26, 2010. 12:00 17 25 Recap | Box Score | Video The Rams moved one step closer to their first NFC West crown since 2003 with a white-knuckled win over the discombobulated and deeply flawed San Francisco 49ers. No doubt the national media will mercilessly flog […]

Rams-Niners II: Q&A with The Red and Gold

Rams-Niners II: Trying to reverse the curse.  With Rams-Niners week reaching a fever pitch, this makes a perfect opportunity to reach out to Josh at The Red and Gold to exchange some questions and answers. (You may remember Josh’s work from Niners Nuggets on the Fanball network — like us, he has migrated over to […]

49ers to start Troy Smith … will lightning strike the Rams twice?

Troy Smith: fear him? Mike Singletary’s last shred of patience with Alex Smith lasted a damn short while — two starts, one good, one bad, which is about what you get. This week against the Rams, he has decided to see if lightning can strike twice: he’s named Troy Smith as the starting quarterback. That […]

Hurried, Hit and Sacked: the Heat is on Sam Bradford

It has now been three weeks since Sam Bradford has thrown a touchdown pass, possibly the longest drought of his football playing days. The Rams have lost two of those three games, both against playoff-ready teams, preventing them from taking the next step forward into becoming a postseason contender themselves. While we can't pin those […]

Rams play Santa, give this game away.

Game 14: Chiefs (8-5) at Rams (6-7) December 19. 2010 27 13 Recap | Play by Play | Video The Rams were full of the giving spirit on the last Sunday before Christmas. They gave the Chiefs hope by not converting either of their opening scoring drives for touchdowns, then gave them life by […]