New Rams, new disappointment

Chris Long chews on the future.

I’m not going to try for objective analysis yet. This loss twists in my gut like I’d swallowed a rat and a rabid squirrel, and they’re fighting to the death. The Rams lost the game on the football field to an amped up Seattle Seahawks team, that’s one thing. But more than that, they lost a lot of face, and most of the positive momentum they had built up during the season.

They couldn’t prevent the atrocity of a Charlie Whitehurst-led 7-win team representing the NFC West in the playoffs. They couldn’t captivate the nation with a full rebirth in their debut under the bright lights of prime time. They couldn’t play up to their potential — indeed they struggled to make even routine NFL plays on offense.

Most importantly, they failed the necessary test of teams that are in the playoff hunt — they failed to gamble, and ultimately they failed to win.

That game was embarrassing. Not the loss but the way we played it. Mistakes, no killer instinct, vanilla play-calling, inept offense.
@espn_nfcwest @ramsherd I cannot say the better team won tonight, but I can say the team with the better gameplan and coaching did
Worst part of this game isn’t that both teams suck, its that the Rams got away from what they do well, and its cost them
@RamsHerd regardless of the outcome, the defense deserves massive credit for the way they played.

There will be plenty to sort out from this loss, from missed coaching opportunities to how this loss might affect the Rams plans this offseason. Obviously, drafting a marquee player on offense to give Sam Bradford more weapons is going to be priority #1, and the loss reportedly gives the Rams draft slot #14 to work with.

Rams youth really showing up tonight but I love the upside of this team. Will add pass catchers for 2011.

If you want silver linings, that’s where they begin. 2011 is a new year for the Rams, and while it hasn’t started all that great, it builds on a much better foundation than 2010 did, thanks to a year of hard work and great play. While we begin the work of writing the obituary for this season, we’re really just starting to appreciate the birth of a team.