Bradford’s receivers step up in a huge comeback road win

Sam Bradford and the St Louis Rams are growing up before our eyes. Once again they found themselves entering the halftime break, trailing on the road despite a strong defensive effort, trying to dig themselves out of a hole of their own making on offense. Once again, the Rams made adjustments to their gameplan, and […]


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Rams-49ers: Finished Like We Started

Mi·cro·cosm a little world; especially : the human race or human nature seen as an epitome of the world or the universe a community or other unity that is an epitome of a larger unity the Rams’ season-ending game against the 49ers, as compared to the entire suckfest known as 2009 Okay, ask any Rams […]

A Quick Tribute to “Ike”

Isaac Bruce is active for today’s game against the Rams, and is “75% sure” that he will retire when it’s done. Rams fans will want to give him a nice sendoff if this is the case, possibly including the burning of effigies of Jay Zygmunt and Drew Bennett outside the stadium. (Hey, it’s 9 effing […]

Rams-49ers Gameday: the Alex Smith Question

The mighty 49ers have one road win in seven tries — the juggernaut Rams have zero home wins in seven tries. Kicking off today: the battle of the Easily Movable Objects versus the Highly Resistible Force! (Plus an unofficial Isaac Bruce tribute.) Expected to take a big step forward this season, the Niners have instead […]

Rams-49ers: Is it wrong if I root for the Rams to win?

Professional football players only get sixteen chances a year to prove that they’re better than someone else. It’s really hard to sit, as a fan, and root for a loss, even if that loss would guarantee your team the #1 draft pick and the unencumbered rights to the fearsome Ndamukong Suh. It’s especially hard when […]

Rams vs Cardinals: According to Script

The pregame narrative was laid out as a story of princes and paupers. The Cardinals were crowned NFC West champions the Sunday previous, while the Rams have not won a divisional game since November 18, 2007. The Cardinals start two Pro Bowl talents at wide receiver, and their quarterback is the most-sainted St Louis athlete […]

Indecision on Null: Still hoping for Bulger?

Bill Coats’ latest dispatch from Around the Horns contained this tiny nugget that sounds innocuous enough by itself, but when considered in context, continues to round out our portrait of Coach Spags in his first year with the Rams: At the quarterback position, Spagnuolo said he wanted to wait until Wednesday — when the team […]

Rams-Texans: Null and the Little Offense that Might

Keith Null’s debut as a starting quarterback opened up a can of worms that we seldom see in football, but one that has so thoroughly infested baseball that is has changed — ruined? — the very language of the sport. I’m speaking of the clash between “Stats vs Scouts” as an evaluation of talent. The […]

Rams-Texans: Alone at the Bottom (or the Top)

I give the Rams credit for their fight today — they brought more to this game than either the Texans or the 30,000 or so fans in the half-filled Edward Jones Dome expected. Fans walked into the stadium talking about Christmas shopping, and left talking about a play here, a play there, and a win […]

A Warm Welcome for Richie in Buffalo

Twitter is the best thing to hit sports since the invention of the internet. How else could we have heard, first hand and unfiltered, honest reactions like the one Buffalo Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell (

Rams Release Richie: a Sign of Weakness or Strength?

In a way, this was inevitable. Richie put Coach Spagnuolo in a no-win situation in this last weekend’s games, refusing to play “team first” football. And after numerous voices in the media calling to make the move, the Rams have released Incognito. In the fallout of this move comes a notable comment from ESPN’s NFC […]

A No-Win Situation for Spagnuolo: Richie Incognito

Coach Spagnuolo, Let me start by saying that I don’t envy the situation you find yourself in, but I admire your determination to face it head on without complaining, without making excuses. Watching the Rams crumble apart at the very foundations over the past several years has been painful, more painful than this 1-12 start […]

Rams-Titans: Seeing What They Have in Null. (And A Poll)

The baseline argument, among Rams fans, for playing Null is that the Rams have to “see what they have” in their 6th round pick. And the oft-cited corollary to this argument is “hey, it couldn’t be much worse.” In this 47-7 thrashing in Tennessee, the Rams can’t help but see what they have in Null: […]

Ask Dr. RamsHerd: What’s wrong with Jason Smith?

There’s a particularly troubling quote (emphasis mine) from Coach Spagnuolo about Jason Smith’s status in yesterday’s Around the Horns: St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Jason Smith didn’t even watch practice Thursday, staying off his feet until the final minutes of the team’s indoor workout at Rams Park. “We just decided to go a different way,” […]