Too Little, Too Late: Rams Lose The Last Game Of The Devaney-Spagnuolo Era

Steve Spagnuolo walks the Rams sideline for the last time. Ultimately, the particulars of this game will matter far less than this: @mortreport Rams will fire coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney, per team source. The first hatchet to fall in post-game action fell just hours after the St Louis Rams had finished adding […]

What Should The Rams Do With Top Pick

For the sake of argument let us assume that fate shines on the Rams this Sunday in their game against the San Francisco 49ers. Granted a loss here should not be difficult to come by with the 49ers still battling for the overall number two seed in the NFC. But to be on the safe […]

Rams-Steelers Preview: The Unmoving Force Against The Immovable Object

The big news of the game: Ben Roethlisberger will not play, despite the fact that the Steelers’ playoff positioning could still swing dramatically in the season’s last two weeks. Analysis: don’t worry, they’re playing the Rams. Kellen Clemens and the Rams will be leaving the comfort of the dome for punishing 34 degree temperatures and […]

Rams Draft Preview: Matt Miller Of 4th And Long

Justin Blackmon may not be a Julio Jones, but he could have a Julio Jones-type impact as a rookie for the Rams next year. For those of you looking ahead, Matt Miller and Andrew Kulha of Bleacher Report and the 4th And Long NFL draft podcast devoted a special edition of their show to the […]

The Protection Or The Playmaker

This week’s great debate, chicken and egg style. Which comes first, the protection or the playmaker? Does a great OT make the QB and WR combo or does the Play-maker at WR make the QB and tackle look better. It’s an age old question. And with USC OT Matt Kalil declaring for the draft an […]

Austin Pettis suspended by NFL for 4 games

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Rams wide receiver Austin Pettis has been suspended for four games for violating NFL rules on performance-enhancing substances. Pettis will miss the final two games of the 2011 season, and the first two games of 2012, most notably without pay. Pettis is eligible to participate […]

Rams-Bengals Recap: Same S***, Different QB, Different Day

Kellen Clemens showed nice mobility, and the ability to get up from a series of big hits. Necessary qualities for a Rams QB. The Kellen Clemens era began for the St Louis Rams on Sunday, and unfortunately for Rams fans, it followed pretty much the same script as the rest of this dysfunctional season. Start […]

Rams Pay Tribute To Marshall Faulk: Once More, With Feeling

The St. Louis Rams will be donning their throwback uniforms in tribute to Marshall Faulk, and contemplating a quest familiar to the beginning of his days here: taking an unknown quarterback into battle against a superior foe.   To me, the linchpin of the Rams success in those years wasn’t Kurt Warner, though he was obviously […]

Poll: Do You See The Dome As Half-empty, Or Half-full?

Despite their team’s record and the winter chill, the St Louis Rams are going to do their best to bring the love back into the Dome this weekend. It’s Marshall Faulk’s Hall of Fame enshrinement celebration, and the Rams will be decked out in their throwback blue and gold for the occasion. During the Greatest […]

To Keep Or Not To Keep Spags…That Seems To Be The Question

Pepsi & Coke, Imo’s & Cecil Whittakers, Ford & Chevy. St. Louis has had its share from great debates throughout the years. Now a new one has taken the Metro area by storm. To keep or not to keep Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo. A debate as polarizing at the Hatfield–McCoy feud. You are either […]

On Keeping Spagnuolo. Why Show Blind Faith?

Would keeping a “loser” actually help change the “losing culture” at Rams Park? There’s no doubting that the St Louis Rams have taken a disastrous step backwards in Coach Spagnuolo’s third year. How can we possibly build an argument to keep him? Bear with me while I explore some thoughts.  Wednesday, on his radio show, […]

Perspective From Titletown: Could Patience On Spagnuolo Pay Off For The Rams?

Aaron_Nagler If (probably when) the Rams fire Spagnuolo, they will be making a huge mistake.   Whoa. Bold words, but let’s get some perspective here. There was a young guy in his first head coaching position, suffering through a dismal third season after having seemingly turned a corner with his team in year two. His […]

Silver Lining: Have The Rams Found A Starting Right Tackle?

There hasn’t been much happy reading as regards the St Louis Rams’ offensive line, unless you’re in the shockingly lucrative business of sports rehab. (Growth opportunities abound in St Louis!) But today, buried in the nuggets of Pro Football Focus’ analysis of last night’s Rams-Seahawks game, there was this:  – Harvey Dahl of the Rams […]

Steven Jackson’s Lost Years

The Rams-Seahawks Monday Night Football battle reminded me of two beliefs I have come to accept with this Rams team. 1: The Rams are really, really bad. And not bad like a play or two away from winning a game. No bad like all-time reference type bad. 2: The Rams are downright wasting Steven Jackson. […]

Recap: Rams Lose Again, Taste The Painbow

Yes, I would like some product placement with my weekly dose of shame and misery, thank you. First of all, before I get to the gory details, I have to apologize to anyone on Twitter who was around when I said