To Keep Or Not To Keep Spags…That Seems To Be The Question

Pepsi & Coke, Imo’s & Cecil Whittakers, Ford & Chevy. St. Louis has had its share from great debates throughout the years. Now a new one has taken the Metro area by storm. To keep or not to keep Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo. A debate as polarizing at the HatfieldMcCoy feud. You are either on one side or the other, no middle ground to be found here.

This is not to determine who is right or wrong. Rather to present both sides…and better yet who is taking them. Which side are you on? So read on, succumb to peer pressure or not. Be bold and form your own opinion, or not.

Here are the arguments: Click on the links for the full story.

To Keep

Aaron Nagler from CheeseHeadtv: If (probably when) the Rams fire Spagnuolo, they will be making a huge mistake.

Bryan Burwell from the St. Louis Post Dispatch: The key to the long-term success of some potentially gifted first-time NFL head coaches is having the ability to survive their early mistakes.

Aaron Schafer from River Front Times

Derek Pease from RamsHerd: While 2010 does not excuse this season’s failures, at the same time the short comings of the 2011 Rams should not wash away last year’s success. It’s a mind bender I know. But one that deserves serious thought.


A Bipartisan Look At Both Sides 

 Will from RamsHerd: None of these are very satisfying, but they’re all logical. But if Kroenke felt, as many angry Rams fans do, that there’s just no chance of winning under Spagnuolo, then all of that logic gets blown out the window.


Not To Keep

Bernie Miklasz from the St. Louis Post Dispatch(disclaimer, doesn’t come out and say it but alludes to a Kroenke decision) : If Kroenke wants to bring back a head coach who is 10-35 with more losses on the way, we wish him the best in trying to sell season tickets for 2012.  St. Louis sports fans would rather eat dinner at Pujols 5 restaurant than sit through another Rams season like this.

Aaron Hooks from SBN St. Louis: It’s time for both of them to leave and start fresh. The rankness of these past three seasons should follow these men upon their exits.

Steven Gerwel from Bleacher Report: With the recent firings of Del Rio, Haley and Sparano, Rams owner Stan Kroenke may follow the lead and let Spagnuolo go sooner rather than later if he wants to be in the mix for a top coaching candidate such as Jeff Fisher or Bill Cowher.

Ryan Van Bibber from Turf Show Times: For Kroenke and the Rams, firing Spagnuolo now, rather than delay the inevitable, would send the signal to fans that failure will no longer be tolerated by this team.

Jeff from RamsGab: Give us Rams fans something over the last three weeks of the season, because otherwise, I’m not sure what the point is to keep paying attention as the Rams fall further and further into the NFL abyss.

Derek Pease from RamsHerd: Some men excel carrying the big clip board and making the big decisions. Others do much better from the booth. As a head coach you have to be aware of both sides of the game and work to develop each.