Rams State of the Offense Address

Scary as it may seem, this Rams offense has made progress. Okay, feel free to read on once you’re done face palming at the concept of this offense being an improvement. Writers Disclaimer: Be prepared for the tone of this article to swing from positive to negative, hopeful to panic and back again. The first […]

Daryl Richardson, The biggest-Little story nobody is talking about from the St. Louis Rams’ victory on Sunday

The biggest story nobody is talking about from the St. Louis Rams' 31-28 victory over the Washington Redskins last Sunday was the running back situation. Yes Sam Bradford showed why he was drafted #1 overall, Danny Amendola set a career high in receiving yards, the Rams came back from..blah…blah…blah. And definitely not the Steven Jackson […]

Will Griffining Make it’s Way to St. Louis?

Nice job rookie(subtle pat given on the back side).  However, one game- a season does not make. Redskins' rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III's week one numbers are undeniably amazing.  320 yards passing, two touchdowns and no interceptions as Washington beat New Orleans 40-32.   Plus, he dizzied Saints' defenders like a piñata at a 3-year olds […]

Attention NFL…It’s a new Defense in St. Louis

Beware, adjective overload to follow shortly. The St. Louis Rams played one of their most inspired, passionate, hard-nosed games fans have seen in a while in Motown this past Sunday. The final two minutes not withstanding. However, the defense of the St. Louis Rams made a statement that should not be ignored .  The defense […]

Youth on tap in St. Louis as season begins

There are 17 rookies on the St. Louis Rams’ opening day roster, seven more players age 24 or younger and 31 in all on the 53-man roster who were not with the franchise last season. It’s the youngest team in the NFL, with an average age under 26. A lot of kids for new coach […]

Protecting Steven Jackson? A brave new idea for the Rams

Do the Rams finally have plan in place to protect Steven Jackson? For what appears to be the first time since splitting time with Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk the St. Louis Rams appear to have options in easing the workload on running back Steven Jackson. One year closer to the ominous wall of turning […]

Rams set for camp battle at receiver position

Brian McIntyre at recently profiled the Rams’ WR battle as one of the league’s camp competitions to watch. And in doing so, he gives us his picks to make the roster, and highlights who he thinks is on the bubble. Let’s start with the givens (pun intended): The Rams used the No. 33 overall draft […]

Could We See Multiple Rookies With the 1st Team?

With the number of top-100 picks (six) and holes on the St. Louis Rams’ depth chart, perhaps the easier question is “Which rookies won’t start for the St. Louis Rams?” Head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead did a tremendous job parlaying the No. 2 overall pick into a plethora of selections to […]

Annual-Pre-season state of Sam Bradford address

It’s time for our Annual-Pre-season state of Sam Bradford address. Sam Bradford is an elite NFL quarterback. Sam Bradford can’t stay healthy. Sam Bradford doesn’t have enough help around him. Sam Bradford is overpaid. Sam Bradford’s offensive line is going to get him killed. Sam Bradford is the future of the St. Louis Rams. You […]

Fenton Rams? Sure… why not

It’s clear that the St. Louis Rams and the city’s Convention and Visitors Commission remain miles apart when it comes to what it will take to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome to a top-tier NFL stadium. Meanwhile, Fenton mayor Dennis Hancock finds himself sitting on 300 acres of open land after the Chrysler plant was […]

Four Pillars be gone

On Friday, April 27, the St. Louis Rams selected North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins with the 39th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Rams then picked up Montana cornerback Trumaine Johnson to start the third round. The Rams went high risk, high reward and I liked it. Janoris Jenkins I know the team […]

What?!…The experts disagree with the arm chair GM’s

Many Rams fans had their heart set on wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Many were willing to settle for the second-rated WR on the board, Michael Floyd. When the Rams drafted neither, many fans freaked out. Perhaps this was all too familiar to the ways of one Billy Devaney. Well this is a different regime. Rams […]

Let the visits begin

The Rams began their pre-draft visits Monday with a guest list that included Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams, Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, and North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Teams are allowed to bring in as many as 30 draft prospects for visits. In addition, teams can […]

The decision was just made simple, ban Gregg Williams for life

As a vilifed group showed up to beg for a reduced sentence, the brainchild of their crime stared down more evidence that he should never again be paid to coach football on any level. Gregg Williams ought to be banned for life. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton visited the NFL’s mothership Thursday, to appeal […]

St. Louis Rams unveil new Nike uniforms

Nike revealed the new look for the St. Louis Rams for the 2012 season Tuesday morning. The Rams unveiled the new look at Brooklyn, New York.  The uniforms still highlight the traditional blue and yellow colors.  They also fit more snug to the player’s body. Nike is now the official uniform maker of the National […]