Fenton Rams? Sure… why not

It’s clear that the St. Louis Rams and the city’s Convention and Visitors Commission remain miles apart when it comes to what it will take to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome to a top-tier NFL stadium.

Meanwhile, Fenton mayor Dennis Hancock finds himself sitting on 300 acres of open land after the Chrysler plant was razed last year.

In other words, hey Mayor Slay…

“It has a half-mile of highway frontage, it’s at the intersection of Highway 270 and 44,” Hancock points out. “It’s in a vibrant area, a great location for redevelopment.”

He says the five million square feet of available space would leave plenty of room for a new Rams stadium, lots of parking, and space for other development.

Speaking with KMOX News, Hancock makes it clear he’s not actively pitching the space as a replacement for the downtown dome, and he’s not currently in talks with the Rams, the CVC, or anybody else about it.

He’s merely open to the idea, one year after a plant that provided $1 million a year to his city’s tax base packed up and left.

“If it helps sell the site and helps put people back to work, then I’d be all for it,” Hancock says.