Practice Observations: July 31st

First of all, it was clear from the number of cars parked in the field alongside One Rams Way as I drove up that fans were excited about the opening of Rams practices. I entered as a fan — I don’t know what the Rams’ policy is regarding media credentials and bloggers, but I didn’t […]

Heading to my first Rams’ practice this afternoon!

Am very excited, and will post photos and observations — as I’m allowed. From the Rams’ media guide, there are a few restrictions that I’ll have to obey. Still photography is OK, but video is out — unless you want videos of players stretching, and we’re not that kind of website. I am not allowed […]

RamsHerd on TST Radio tonight

Update: Here’s the replay if you missed the live broadcast. We did heavy discussion of all three units on defense, as well as the offensive line, and the overall philosophy of team-rebuilding at Rams Park. Tonight at 6:00 CST: huddle around the internet radio as VanRam and 3k from TurfShowTimes, Jeff from RamsGab, and myself […]

Mo Money, Mo Problems

According to Yahoo!, Michael Crabtree is asking for “top 3” money in his contract. His agent? Eugene Parker, who (as TST points out) orchestrated Steven Jackson’s holdout last offseason. So far, this is all good news. Unrest in the Niners’ camp adds just a few more raindrops to their planned playoff parade. And it adds […]

Weekend Reading: the legend of Marshall Faulk

Players, coaches and staffers in St. Louis had heard the whispers—Faulk was a cancer at worst, a moody, me-first prima donna at best—and steeled themselves for the drama that was sure to unfold. — Star of Stars, by Michael Silver. Published Sept 3, 2001 A second quote that I really liked: Kevin, however, is more […]

Ram Predictions, 2009: September

Note: post reformatted to include all three September games. Ancient Roman soothsayers used to slice open sheep and read fortunes from their entrails. As I put on my mystic hat and stare at the guts of the Rams — last year’s leavings mixed with this offseason’s portents — I can’t say I like what I […]

Quick note on Terrance Sanders

Following up on super-reader Rodney’s question from yesterday, it looks like the Rams gave Boise Burn wideout/defensive back/return man Terrance Sanders a tryout today, and it did not end up with Sanders in a Rams uniform. This could be a case of terrible timing, with Rams camp likely abuzz with the acquisition of Ronald Curry […]

The Rams and Ronald Curry: an analysis

The Rams’ post-draft offseason moves have been modest talent acquisitions, few of them designed to create major headlines — with the notable exception of the still-puzzling decision to drop Pisa Tinoisamoa. However, this latest move, acquiring Ronald Curry for back-of-the-DT-rotation Orien Harris, could actually provide significant impact on the team’s offense. Curry is a converted […]

Interactive Rams History

As a relatively new Rams fan (i.e. I didn’t give two licks about the NFC West until St. Louis became a part of it), I admit to being less than facile with my Rams history. That’s what makes this new glossy interactive timeline at such a valuable resource.  Not only is it a gorgeous […]

Our House, in the Middle of the Street

Chip Rosenbloom and I have so much in common, we’re basically brothers. I mean, except for a few hundreds of millions of dollars in net worth, and the career in Hollywood, that is. No, I mean we’re both working on a pretty significant rehab project — and we’re both living in it while we’re doing […]

Open Question: Should the Rams pursue Jarvis Moss?

In the comments section yesterday, new reader Rodney asked if we should be pursuing the Broncos’ Jarvis Moss. At first glance, I was not very enthusiastic about the idea, but the more I thought about it, the more the former Florida Gator standout seemed like a potentially attractive — and potentially realistic — low-risk acquisition. […]

“Turd Watch” no more?

In my just-completed guest spot on this week’s Turf Show Radio podcast, I made reference to a site (I misremembered it as The Smoking Gun) that was keeping a running tally of NFL player arrests and other negative PR moments that are the bane of Roger Goodell’s existence. This list was appropriately called the “Turd […]

RamsHerd to be featured on Turf Show Times radio today

VanRam from the Turf Show Times has invited me to join in some offseason discussion on their radio/podcast tonight at 5:00 pm CST. Should be an enjoyable listen, as we discuss the RamsHerd NFC West Power Rankings, and possibly some high-minded discussion of Coach Spagnuolo’s “Four Pillars“, possibly including the hypothetical question of whether or […]

NFC West Power Rankings: Part 2

Part 1 of these rankings named the four top wildcards in the division: the Cardinals’ Kurt Warner (#1) and defensive coordinator Bill Davis (#4), Mike Singletary of the Niners (#2) and Steven Jackson (#3) of the Rams. These rankings also gave my thumbnail of how many games in the standings these individuals could swing. Naturally, […]

Steve McNair and the “Four Pillars”

But for Mike Jones, Steve McNair is a Super Bowl champion We’re in the slowest period of the NFL calendar right now, when the only movement on the news wires tends to be announcements of low-level draft pick signings. Beat writers scrabble for fluff pieces and can usually turn a cautiously optimistic coach’s quote into […]