Interactive Rams History

As a relatively new Rams fan (i.e. I didn’t give two licks about the NFC West until St. Louis became a part of it), I admit to being less than facile with my Rams history. That’s what makes this new glossy interactive timeline at such a valuable resource.  Not only is it a gorgeous interface, but it’s packed with season summaries and cool little nuggets of information.

For example: I didn’t know that the Rams’ “horn” was the first ever logo to be used on a helmet.

Or that the Rams played — and won — an AFL-NFL “Playoff Bowl” game against the Cleveland Browns in 1967, featuring the two losing teams from that year’s conference championships.

Or consider the crazy ownership history of the team, which for a time in the 60s appeared to be little more than a vanity project for various Hollywooders, including Gene Autry and Bob Hope. As Roman Gabriel and Deacon Jones led the team to glory, the path of ownership culminated in a history-making deal where Robert Irsay and Carroll Rosenbloom agreed to swap franchises (!!!) – Baltimore Colts for the Los Angeles Rams.

Or that the Rams once traded 9 players for a fullback named Ollie Matson in 1959 — but they lost their last eight games, and the entire coaching staff retired after the season. (Those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it…)