The last day of Sam Bradford’s innocence

When he’s on the field, an easy smile has always come to the face of the new holder of the richest rookie contract in NFL history. The smile seems to say that this game of football has been pretty fun so far. He had fun at Putnam City North in Oklahoma City, though he never […]

The new Rams’ “Old School” mentality toward player development

UPDATE, following Saffold’s contract signing today: OneRamsWay Per OL coach Steve Loney, as expected, Saffold will work at right tackle. So take Saffold’s part in this post with a grain of salt. The larger concern remains, though. The Rams had their pick of an epic rookie class of left tackles with the #2 pick in […]

Rams Scoring Woes? Don’t Blame the Offensive Line

At least, not according to an intriguing set of offensive line rankings put forward by Neil Hornsby and the fellows at Pro Football Focus. Unlike in purely results-oriented rankings like those at Football Outsiders, PFF rates the pure blocking play of the linemen, regardless of the outcome of the play itself. So, for example, if […]

Brandon Gibson, unscripted

The Rams have taken a good idea — making training camp practices open to the public — and made it better, by opening the gates for a full 29 practice sessions. [Here’s a link to the Rams’ training camp schedule.] Players are going to be getting plenty of fan interaction after the morning sessions, the […]

The Big Terrell Owens Question

Apparently, Terrell Owens couldn’t possibly be more available. That’s the subtext behind the rumors being floated around that the number of teams still talking to Owens and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is down to two: the Bengals, and the Rams. This leads to a predictable pundit war for credibility, with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen saying that […]

Steven Jackson, 2009: unluckiest rushing year ever?

For all intents and purposes, Steven Jackson was the Rams' offense in 2009. He got the ball on first down as often as any back in the NFL, and seldom took a handoff with fewer than eight men in the box. But still he carried the team forward, most notably in the team's one win […]

Your Sam Bradford Non-update of the Day

Imagine a gigantic station wagon driving down the highway on an interminable road trip toward the 2010 season, and the day along the way when Sam Bradford and the Rams agree to the largest-ever rookie contract in league history. How big? What clauses might it contain? How much will be guaranteed? That’s to be determined. […]

Rams Rewind 2009: The Kyle Boller Era (Part 1: @SF)

It was a quiet night of beers for two dads over at the Tap Room, and as Tom and I stood at the bar with two Kolsches in front of us, conversation turned to The Wire. I started watching the series on his recommendation last year, and Mrs. RamsHerd and I devoured all five seasons […]

Rounding up the Herd: Friday Edition

Firstly, a bit of a technical note. FanBall has been working on a server migration, and apparently we’re having trouble approving comments from first-time commenters. This includes a nice little note from David over at, and an inspiring comment from “a Rams fan from afar.” Hopefully this will be sorted out quickly, we love […]

Fixing The Rams’ Ultimate Franchise Ranking (Part 2)

“St Louis is a baseball town, first and foremost,” you might say. “The Rams are always going to be a tough sell.” This was the gist of what FanBall’s own Bryan Douglass had to say this morning, when I opened the subject of how to fix the Rams’ “Ultimate Franchise Ranking” onto the Twitterverse. And […]

Hope you like your Rams cute and cuddly…

It seemed like only yesterday I posited that the Rams would be smart to follow in the footsteps of the Blues, in terms of coming up with innovative ways to reconnect with fans. In fact, it was yesterday. They invited the SLU student band to sit behind net and play during the breaks on weekend […]

Ultimate Franchise Rankings: Rams are Number ONE! (hundred and fourteen)

ESPN tabulated their Ultimate Franchise Rankings for 2010 — always a fun excercise — and St Louis’s pro sports teams generally did pretty well. Those venerable Redbirds (#22 overall) ranked 7th among baseball teams, and the Blues (#41) ranked in the top half of their NHL brethren despite being one of the three or four […]

Top Five Impact Ex-Rams in 2010

When you’ve been deemed not good enough for a team that only mustered a single win, that isn’t usually something you want at the top of your resume. In fact, many former Rams from last year’s squad still find themselves unable to crack even the ballooned-out training camp rosters, and are looking to Canada or […]

One year, 160,000 words, lots of little stars and you

Like a Leprechaun rolled in sugar, let me keep this short and sweet: today marks one year since the launch of and my first post, and I want to say thank you to all the readers, commenters, star-voters, followers on

Return of the Hero: Oshiomogho Atogwe re-signs with the Rams

The news hit Twitter as many were still basking in the glow of the US men’s thrilling 1-0 victory over Algeria in the World Cup: OneRamsWay Rams have re-signed free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe to multi-year contract. Plenty to come quickly here on All at once, all the gibbering soccerheads in my follow list snapped […]