Robert Quinn makes his DPOY case clear in win over Bucs

As Robert Quinn closes in on opposing quarterbacks, there is always an uncertainty. Is there a hot read? Is the rush coming equally hot from Chris Long or Will Hayes on the opposite side? Does this quarterback have the ability or tendency to shift around in the pocket, or bail out entirely and go on […]

Know Your Enemy: Scouting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers arrive in St Louis this weekend as a more dangerous team than their 4-10 record might suggest. All four of those wins have come in the last six weeks of the season, and despite being written off nationally, the team has been playing very well for embattled coach Greg Schiano in […]

Rams put a hex on the Saints in St Louis again

Two years ago, AJ Feely and a hangdog Rams team playing for little but pride pulled off one of the great upsets of that year. The victims were the New Orleans Saints, then as now putative contenders for a deep playoff run. That unlikely win created a blueprint for pulling off the Big Upset.  Two […]

Know Your Enemy: Scouting the Saints with Saints Nation

On one hand, the St Louis Rams have to be relieved to be playing anyone not in their own division, after the disappointing beatdowns of the past two weeks against the Cardinals and 49ers. On the other hand, they will be facing a New Orleans Saints team that is charging toward the season's finish line […]

Rams try to bully the bullies in San Francisco, and fail

To say that football is a "man's game" is to tacitly acknowledge its ugliness. There will be nut-punches. There will be tears. There will be bullying and cheap shots and profanity and carrying on as befits a kindergarten playground. And, barring some truly exceptional circumstance, the game will be won by the men that are […]

A Turning Point: Quantifying the Rams’ Rapid Improvement

As the Rams prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers in the first of their divisional rematches, it's a good time to look at how different this team is now. Not just in personnel, but in attitude and in play. One need look only at the scoreboard over the last two weeks for the easiest […]

Triple-threat running attack mauls Bears in a 42-21 win

It's safe to say that the Rams have found a new identity in their two-game winning streak. Perhaps better said, they've found an old one.  After opening the season without a known commodity starting at running back, the Rams invested heavily on the perimeter to prepare for an aerial assault helmed by an efficient Sam […]

Today, We Spell Redemption R-A-M

In the midst of what can be described as nothing other than a "lost season," the Rams have faced critique from every direction, especially from within their own fan base. What's wrong with Brian Schottenheimer's play-calling? Why is the Rams' defense so soft? Why hasn't Tavon Austin lived up to his billing? Why didn't the […]

Rams lost a game of caveman football to the Titans

The most primal weapon in football is the ability to run the ball. NFL passing attacks are damn close to rocket science, but running the ball — or stopping the run — can be understood by humanity's hairy ancestors. Hit. Wham. Clobber. Get up and do it again. Trickery in the run game amounts to […]

Behind Enemy Lines: Titans Scouting Report from

As the Rams prepare to face off at home against the Tennessee Titans, even in their weakened state, I believe many fans have this game tentatively circled as a win. However, Jeff Fisher's former team is showing surprising signs of life, coming off the bye week with a 3-4 record and only giving up a […]

Rams-Seahawks: the gutpunch no one saw coming

On Monday night against the massively-favored Seattle Seahawks, Jeff Fisher, Zac Stacy and the Rams defense started brewing up a massive upset. But just when this heady home-brew started smelling just about right, just when the whole house was ready to party, the dog jumped up and kicked the whole hot, smelly mess all over […]

Rams-Seahawks: how much magic can Kellen Clemens conjure?

I was asked a question, one that has been bedeviling me all week long. How can the Rams beat the Seahawks? The people asking me are the fine folks at, and as far as I know, they weren't trying to be mean. Because, really. Without Sam Bradford and with our defensive coverage schemes in […]

Three ways the Rams can improve, even without Sam Bradford

Jeff Fisher stood at the press conference podium in the aftermath of the team's biggest loss of the season, and reaffirmed his commitment to Sam Bradford for the 2014 season. The damage to his knee appears to be non-catastrophic and fully rehab-able. Kellen Clemens will take the reins in the short term, and the Rams […]

Contemplating a season without Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford has been a lightning rod in St Louis, as any team's quarterback will be. Especially when that team struggles with consistency, and hasn't made the playoffs in years. Fans have chided him for holding the ball too long, and for throwing it too quickly. Fans have berated his lack of deep passes, and […]