Fun with Computers, Part 1: Predicting the Rams’ Season

“Stop, Dave, I’m afraid.” Ah, computers. What can’t they do? They cook our food, regulate our air, park our luxury sedans, autotune our pop stars, manage our deep-space missions without fail… Okay, that last one not so much Apparently, though, the computers aren’t much good at pretending to give hope to us Rams fans. A […]

Preseason Game 4: for 53 Rams, it was awesome.

Sept 2, 2010 6:30 pm CST 21   27 Recap | Play by Play | Video Two quarterbacks did all they could do to win their battles in the preseason’s last game; Sam Bradford led a surgically precise opening drive for a touchdown, finding Billy Bajema open in the back corner of the end zone […]

Mark Clayton: a good get for the Rams?

Welcome? Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one. The Rams’ passing offense is going to target a small, lightweight burner of a receiver with so-so hands who has yet to achieve his potential. No, not Donnie Avery, who’s out for the year with a torn ACL. I’m talking about new signee Mark Clayton, a […]

SI says to Rams fans: curb your enthusiasm

Sports Illustrated’s NFL Preview hits the stands tomorrow, and Rams fans are not likely to be too happy when it does. Thanks to Ben Kaplan at SI, I got a sneak preview of their look at the NFC West. What does their magic 8 ball say for the Rams? Outlook not so good. Senior NFL […]

I know St Louis is supposed to be a baseball town, but…

Sam Bradford, showered with our affections. I’m going to put an idea out there, tell me if it’s right or wrong. I believe the heart of a fan base isn’t caught up in wins and losses: it’s wrapped up in its young players. We fall in love more easily with youth, with potential, with anything […]

Rams-Pats: View from the dark side

Michael Hoomanawanui splits three Patriots defenders for a touchdown. While all of us are basking in our brand new professional football team, you have to wonder — what do the mighty Patriots think about being so thoroughly upstaged by the upstart Rams? Not that the game counted, of course, but Belichick had the riding crop […]

Preseason Game 3: The Future is Now

Preseason Week 3: Rams (1-1) at Patriots (2-0) August 26, 2010 6:30 pm CST 36   35 Recap | Play by Play | Video Video highlights of a Rams win headline at… when was the last time that happened? Forget for a moment the giddy pleasure of embarrassing the Patriots in their own house, […]

Gearing up for Rams-Pats: Q&A With Pats Chowder

Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Giselle is freaking hot! Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady 19-0? Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady BILL BELICHICK IS THE SPAWN OF SATAN! Sorry, when I start thinking about the […]

Scouting the Rams: “It’s going to be a huge struggle early”

Scouting report: Sam Bradford’s pre-game laser-beam gaze turns falling rain into steam. Former NFL scout Dave Razzano has spent a lot of time in the NFC West, 22 years in all. He scouted for the 49ers in their heyday, for the Cardinals as of late, and spent the crucial 1996-2006 years working for the Rams […]

Rounding Up the Herd: DANARIOOOO!

Some quick hits and tidbits from the short week leading up to Thursday’s preseason game against the mighty Patriots: Welcome to the big time, Danario Does Billy Devaney read RamsHerd? Or are we reading him? Just a fortnight ago we strongly suggested that the Rams should get off their duffs and sign Danario Alexander; yesterday […]

Preseason Game 2: Yes, we know it doesn’t count, but…

Preseason Week 1: Rams (0-1) at Browns (1-0) August 21, 2010 12:00 CST 19   17 Recap | Play by Play | Video We know it doesn’t count, but it’s been a long, long time since the Rams got a win, and got to silence the Nelson laugh that has been running constantly since the […]

Rams vs Browns: Three Burning Questions

The Browns and Rams were on parallel courses of suck last season, both teams afflicted with a crippling lack of talent and a carousel of ugly quarterback play. But the Browns somehow caught fire and won five games last year, including their last four in a row. (Granted, those four opponents were the death-spiraling Steelers, […]

The Rams and St Louis United Way team up to put you on the field

Every now and again I get to post a legitimately “nice” item. You know, something other than injury carts and two-fisted practices and the new hope of the franchise having to spatula himself off the turf. So when Carrie at the United Way of Greater St Louis emailed me with this item, I was all […]

Rams respond to adversity… with their fists

Coach Spagnuolo invited Dick Vermeil to speak to the Rams early in camp. It was a generous gesture, and signaled a willingness to embrace the giants of the past, without fear of being compared unfavorably to them. But Vermeil came not just to gladhand, but to lift up these players. OJ Atogwe came out of […]

Your Starting Cornerbacks for the Saint Louis Rams are… ?

Expanding a note from the “Ugly” section of our Minnesota game recap, the current Rams’ depth chart at cornerback is nothing short of frightening. With both Jerome Murphy (ankle sprain, out for a week according to Sando) and Kevin Dockery (hip pointer, “day to day” says Spagnuolo), the Rams’ DBs have been decimated. So who’s […]