Rounding Up the Herd: DANARIOOOO!

Some quick hits and tidbits from the short week leading up to Thursday’s preseason game against the mighty Patriots:

D Alexander
Welcome to the big time, Danario

Does Billy Devaney read RamsHerd? Or are we reading him? Just a fortnight ago we strongly suggested that the Rams should get off their duffs and sign Danario Alexander; yesterday they went and did just that, giving the rookie from Mizzou a #84 jersey and working him into their second rotation of receivers.

Last year’s 5th round pick, Brooks Foster, was released to make room for Alexander. Sadly, the kid didn’t have much of a shot in St Louis, being lost for the season on the Lindenwood scrimmage field last year, then barely cracking the rotation this summer.

At least one writer thinks that the timing of this move signals desperation on the part of the Rams, and I have to say he makes a good point.

While the signing itself makes sense, it has to be very concerning to anyone watching the Rams organization that they would make a move like this right before they have to make roster cuts. Why would you be signing a wide receiver who is a true rookie and is going to be a longshot to make the opening day roster? The answer is that the Rams don’t believe in the choices they do have and are looking to find some answers.

— Tim Klutsarits, StL Examiner, “Desperation at WR for the Rams

Previously reigning “tall guy” Jordan Kent should be put on immediate watch, but the player that might be most on alert is Keenan Burton.

Burton had an amazing first two weeks of camp, catching everything in sight, but failed to translate that into significant catches in live preseason action. Most worryingly, most of his snaps in Game 2 came with the third-string offense. Burton has been targeted 10 times in the two games, most among Rams receivers, which to my mind means that the coaching staff is giving him a good long look to make a pretty important roster decision on him. #14 has come up with only 3 catches for 22 yards and 0 TDs, and may need to show something special in this matchup versus New England.

Another Rams receiver was raising eyebrows during the Browns game, but not so much for his hands.

@RamsHerd … btw does Curry look HUGE to you? o_O
@RamsHerd Who is this Dominique Curry character? Making plays…. Hits like a DB on special teams
@RamsHerd saw him take Joe Haden out of a play too. Could be a helluva run blocker in certain packages. May not get a roster spot tho.

Dominic Curry had a monster game that could have been capped off with a touchdown catch in the rain, but he let the pass from Null get into his body on the goal line and bounce harmlessly away. Unfortunately, drops have plagued Curry throughout camp, muffing two back-to-back passes from Bradford during the Lindenwood scrimmage.

Speaking of Bradford, he’s going to start Thursday night’s game, but Spagnuolo says he’s still not “The Starter.” The coach says that Bradford has to show more to earn that title rather than let a minor thumb injury to AJ Feeley drop the title in his lap, and I agree. However, perhaps the coach ought to show Bradford more of the playbook during games. A lot of watchers, including Browns fans, were mystified by the Rams’ playcalling, in which Bradford didn’t even attempt a pass of 10 yards or more.

This week’s preseason game is normally the last extended work for the #1s on the team, as Game 4 is typically used to evaluate the back end of the roster. It is also traditionally the only preseason game that is “game-planned” for the opponent. The Patriots present a very interesting challenge, with their philosophy of letting their starters play late in the preseason, and with their ability to show a lot of different defensive looks. If Bradford doesn’t do well, especially while Steven Jackson is in the lineup, then I think we have to admit that Feeley might be the best option in Week 1 after all.

However, it may not get that far. The offensive line responded to Spagnuolo’s challenge after P-Week 1. This should be considered as another challenge. Let’s hope Bradford makes the most of it.

Finally, speaking of the offensive line, those Rams fans who miss Richie Incognito and his nasty-boy attitude might want to remember the name “Tyler Thomas.” The redshirt freshman from Oregon State just ran afoul of the law in a stunt that can only be described as Incognito-esque.

According to information from the Corvallis Police Department, at about 4:51 a.m., police were called to 519 N.W. 14th Street after a 32-year-old woman reported there was a naked man in the upstairs office of her residence. When officers arrived, they ordered him to get on the ground several times, but he refused. Then Thomas, who had reportedly been drinking, got into a “three-point stance” and lunged at the officers, who Tased him. Thomas was booked into Benton County Jail but was released later the same day.

— Cliff Kirkpatrick, Oregon State News. “Big News Monday.”