Making Ram Resolutions for the New Year

The end of a long year already feels like the beginning of something new for St Louis football. That's a great feeling, and an unusual one, for Rams fans inured to losing seasons. A fan's normal practice come the first week of January is to stow all their Rams gear and their pride in the […]

Five things that need to happen to give the Rams a chance vs Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks are riding a five-game winning streak, and the last three of those games have seen them go on a tear of a magnitude unprecedented in NFL history. Through a combination of offensive firepower and defensive opportunity, Pete Carroll's team has amassed 150 points in their last three contests. Joked Jeff Fisher in […]

Top 5 Rams roster rehab projects

Maybe it's a by-product of being a Rams fan, but I have a love for home makeover shows, especially This Old House. The plot is always the same – a homeowner has a falling-down property, and the situation looks hopeless until a salty curmudgeon shows up with a team of expert carpenters, architects and designers. […]

Rams throw a pick party, and Josh Freeman is invited

The St Louis Rams and the Tampa Bay Bucs were similar teams on paper, with the Bucs holding one huge advantage – a deadly efficiency when they get into the red zone. The Bucs were the league's fourth-best team in touchdown scoring, converting on 66% of their red zone possessions.  Here's how the Bucs fared […]

Week 15 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Minneapolis Vikings

  Well, that didn’t go as planned.  The Rams were at home in a game with playoff significance, and they had one job: stop Adrian Peterson. Everything looked OK until 12:34 left in the second quarter. To be exact, at 12:31 AP made a cut that literally took three potential tacklers completely out of the […]

Rams cannot get over the hump vs the Vikings

A quick look around the league scoreboard revealed the nature of December football, of what happens when the playoffs loom large and the pressure ratchets up. Those teams that can handle the pressure have a huge advantage over those that cannot. And the result is, more often than not, a blowout. One team throws a […]

Week 15 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings

  Here we are in week 15 and the Rams are still in the playoff hunt. I can honestly say that this was not on my radar screen at the beginning of the season. Under the coach favorite “take one game at a time” theory, this is an important one game. Currently there are nine […]

Week 14 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Buffalo Bills

  My God, these Rams are looking more and more like Jeff Fisher’s teams from Tennessee every day. No doubt about it, the Rams victory over Buffalo was ugly. Many of Fisher’s victories over time have been ugly. However, I am so happy to see an ugly victory instead of an ugly loss. Some of […]

NFL Power Rankings: Rams knocking on the door of the upper bracket

One Two of these years are not like the others.  The Rams (ranked 17th) have reached their highest point in the ESPN Power Rankings since 2010, and are knocking on the door of the upper bracket for only the second time in the last six years. Now, the worth of these kinds of rankings is next […]

Week 14 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Buffalo Bills

  Looking only at the Bills statistics for 2012, this game would appear to set up very well for a Rams’ victory. Over the full season, the Bills rank 24th in total defense allowing 368.5 yards a game, 13th in passing defense allowing 229.8 yards per game and 30th against the run allowing 139.2 yards […]

A brief rant on the Rams’ 4th-and-1 play.

By all reckoning, the Rams were fortunate to come away with a win against the 49ers. If not for eight points put on the board by an opportunistic defense – with help from the referees, the NFL's arcane challenge rules, and a bizarre and poorly executed option play – the Rams lose. And if that […]

Know your enemy: Bills-Rams Q&A with

Bills fans will have to excuse us our enthusiasm over a 5-6-1 record. Yes, it's only a few percentage points better than Buffalo's 5-7 mark, but for us it represents a staggering infusion of hope and optimism. These five wins carry with them the official stamp of Progress, and allow fans to chuck each other […]

The 49ers Game Was One of Bradford’s Best Games

After the win against San Francisco, I would have expected numerous positive tweets and message board posts about Bradford’s play in the game. However, I saw something entirely different. The STLtoday Rams board was full of negative Bradford posts. People on twitter were wondering about the lack of touchdowns. Other fans saw Russell Wilson throw […]

Playoffs? Don’t talk to me about playoffs!

It's December and the Rams are officially being listed as "in the hunt" for the NFL Playoffs. This is a stunning development for a team whose Super Bowl odds, as of two weeks ago, was side-by-side with the wretched Oakland Raiders at 750/1. It's also a sign that the Rams might be becoming a much […]