Twitter – The Death of Journalism

  Many of you know that I am not a professional journalist.  However, even I can figure out whether something is newsworthy.  The whole notion that someone on twitter says something so I will report it is ludicrous.  It is not journalism.  Today, this was taken to all new heights.  Let’s go through the background […]

Wide Receivers – To Wait or Not To Wait

  I have written several articles about the wide receivers available in the draft.  In each, I have suggested that several of the options will be available for the Rams in the second round at pick 46.  That suggestion was made without a review of the other teams drafting and was primarily based on the […]

2013 Rams Draft: Wide Receivers at the Combine

If you read my prior article on wide receivers in the draft, you know that I believe an upgrade at WR is more important than an upgrade at any other position.  I am also a firm believer that you can’t judge a wide receiver on numbers alone).  Nevertheless, the numbers are not irrelevant.  Scouts look […]

Quick Hit: Speed isn’t everything for a wide receiver

I was able to find tape of California v. Washington State and California v. USC.  I am even more impressed with Keenan Allen.  With full understanding that I am the person who added a caveat to my prior WR draft article about combine numbers and Keenan Allen, I want to remind Rams Fans that sometimes […]

2013 Rams Draft: Is Keenan Allen At The Top Of The Rams’ WR Board?

There is no other position on the Rams roster where one player can have a significant impact on overall performance as wide receiver. Yes, Craig Dahl is terrible, but I do not expect a rookie safety to improve our overall defense in 2013. On the other hand, a receiver who can reliably catch the ball […]

Week 15 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Minneapolis Vikings

  Well, that didn’t go as planned.  The Rams were at home in a game with playoff significance, and they had one job: stop Adrian Peterson. Everything looked OK until 12:34 left in the second quarter. To be exact, at 12:31 AP made a cut that literally took three potential tacklers completely out of the […]

Week 15 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings

  Here we are in week 15 and the Rams are still in the playoff hunt. I can honestly say that this was not on my radar screen at the beginning of the season. Under the coach favorite “take one game at a time” theory, this is an important one game. Currently there are nine […]

Week 14 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Buffalo Bills

  My God, these Rams are looking more and more like Jeff Fisher’s teams from Tennessee every day. No doubt about it, the Rams victory over Buffalo was ugly. Many of Fisher’s victories over time have been ugly. However, I am so happy to see an ugly victory instead of an ugly loss. Some of […]

Week 14 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Buffalo Bills

  Looking only at the Bills statistics for 2012, this game would appear to set up very well for a Rams’ victory. Over the full season, the Bills rank 24th in total defense allowing 368.5 yards a game, 13th in passing defense allowing 229.8 yards per game and 30th against the run allowing 139.2 yards […]

The 49ers Game Was One of Bradford’s Best Games

After the win against San Francisco, I would have expected numerous positive tweets and message board posts about Bradford’s play in the game. However, I saw something entirely different. The STLtoday Rams board was full of negative Bradford posts. People on twitter were wondering about the lack of touchdowns. Other fans saw Russell Wilson throw […]

Week 13 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

Wow, what a game. It may not have been the prettiest St. Louis Rams win ever, but it certainly was the grittiest. Notwithstanding all of the things that did not go well for the Rams, they still found a way to pull out a victory over the hated San Francisco 49ers. I realize that many […]

Week 13 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

  I usually try to look for something unique to discuss in the preview. However, the game plan this week is so obvious; I am just going to go with it. In fact, if you look back a few weeks, you might see a very similar preview. Nothing set forth below will guarantee a Rams […]

Sam Bradford and his supporting cast: Some perspective, please!

For three years now, Rams fans have been told to have patience with Sam Bradford. We have all heard the excuses, new offensive coordinator (each year), no quarterback coach (last year), terrible quarterback coach (first year), wide receivers that can’t get separation (all three years), wide receivers that can’t get deep, and, of course, inconsistent […]

Week 11 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. New York Jets

  The Rams must win this game against the New York Jets at home. On the road, I could live with a loss, but at home, we must win. The “must” part is not arising from a fantasy that we are a far superior team to the Jets. There are no teams in this league […]

Week 10 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

  I usually try to look for something unique to discuss in the preview. However, the game plan this week is so obvious; I am just going to go with it. Nothing set forth below will guarantee a Rams win, but I believe the numbers support the argument that you have to do this to […]