Wide Receivers – To Wait or Not To Wait


I have written several articles about the wide receivers available in the draft.  In each, I have suggested that several of the options will be available for the Rams in the second round at pick 46.  That suggestion was made without a review of the other teams drafting and was primarily based on the esoteric idea that a specific player has a specific value (mid 2nd round pick).  In reality, need often skews the previously suggested “value” of a player.  Therefore, I decided to look at the draft order and see how many wide receivers might disappear before pick 46. 

To my utter amazement and surprise, I forgot about the Jets.  If there is any team that needs a wide receiver more than the Rams, it is the Jets.  They have already failed at drafting a quarterback early in the draft, and this crop of QBs fails to impress.  I would give away my first born if they draft a quarterback at pick 9.  I also feel secure is stating the Jets will take one wide receiver with either pick 9 or pick 39.  One down.

Miami needs a wide receiver, but I have difficulty believing they will take one with pick 12.  If Cordarelle Patterson is available, they might stretch for him at 12.  If they go defense with pick 12, then I say Miami is a 2-1 pick to take a wide receiver in the second round at pick 42.  Two down.

The Rams come up at Pick 16 and 22.  We all know that they could go wide receiver.  At the same time, they are just as likely to go with a safety, a tackle, a guard or a tight end based on the best player available theory.  Between pick 16 and 22 are Dallas, the Giants, Chicago, and Cincinnati.  I don’t see them taking a wide receiver. 

Forgetting any specific team, I have to believe that one of the very good teams between pick 22 and 32 will take Tavon Austin.  He is simply too talented for a team with a legit number 1 receiver to pass up.    In particular, I am looking at New England coveting Tavon Austin.  Three Down.

Round 2

Round 2 is even more disconcerting as a Rams fan.  Jacksonville could use a receiver, but they already have Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon and many other needs.  Kansas City just traded away the 34th pick to San Francisco.  They have very few needs and they have a ton of picks.  I seem them going with a BPA pick, and that could very well be DeAndre Hopkins and/or Justin Hunter.  However, for now, I will assume they take another position.

The Rams are safe with Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati and Arizona at picks 35 through 38.  We also already addressed the Jets at pick 39 above.  After 39, things get interesting.  Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Tampa Bay, Carolina and San Diego all could theoretically take a wide receiver.  Miami was accounted for above.  Tampa Bay just invested big money in Vincent Jackson, but one is never enough.  San Diego picked up the oft injured Danario Alexander last year and actually used him.  Clearly, they should look for depth. Buffalo has Steve Johnson as their number 1: enough said.  Carolina has an elderly Steve Smith and little else.  I feel safe in saying that two will disappear at picks 40 through 45.  Five Down. 

In reality, things never go according to the draft order.  If the Rams do not take a wide receiver with picks 16 and 22, then any team behind them has to know they will take one with pick 46.  Given, the chance of a trade up, San Francisco as a wild card, and other team needs, I will suggest that 6 wide receivers could be gone by the time the Rams pick at 46.

Take away your favorite 6 and see what is left.  On my list, I am left with Da’Rick Rogers, Markus Wheaton, and Terrance Williams.  Are you comfortable with those options?