Four Pillars be gone

On Friday, April 27, the St. Louis Rams selected North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins with the 39th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Rams then picked up Montana cornerback Trumaine Johnson to start the third round. The Rams went high risk, high reward and I liked it. Janoris Jenkins I know the team […]

Biggest question mark in the Rams’ draft: Brian Quick?

There’s a common theme in early grades of the Rams’ draft: taking risks on big talent with big question marks. The media – locally and at large – has already made Janoris Jenkins the poster child of this draft and Jeff Fisher / Les Snead’s risk/reward approach to adding talent. Jenkins’ extensively documented rap sheet […]

Huge day two: Rams add Brian Quick, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead, Trumaine Johnson

Thursday night, Rams coach Jeff Fisher gave defensive line coach Mike Waufle an early Christmas present, gifting him with an exceptional package of size and strength in Michael Brockers. Friday night, Santa was even more generous, doling out gifts for WR coach Ray Sherman, defensive backs coach Chuck Cecil, and RB coach Ben Sirmans. Each […]

What?!…The experts disagree with the arm chair GM’s

Many Rams fans had their heart set on wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Many were willing to settle for the second-rated WR on the board, Michael Floyd. When the Rams drafted neither, many fans freaked out. Perhaps this was all too familiar to the ways of one Billy Devaney. Well this is a different regime. Rams […]

Rams draft Michael Brockers, form 3/4 of D-line Voltron

 “With the fourteenth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft (what?), the St Louis Rams select Michael Brockers, defensive tackle, LSU.” Before you even say it, allow me. “What the what? Remember Jimmy Kennedy? When are we going to draft weapons? What about Sam Bradford? A defensive player? A defensive TACKLE? You’ve gotta be kidding me?!? […]

Let the visits begin

The Rams began their pre-draft visits Monday with a guest list that included Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams, Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, and North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Teams are allowed to bring in as many as 30 draft prospects for visits. In addition, teams can […]

Best player available at pick 6: David Decastro?

Now that the Redskins’ trade is official, Les Snead and the St Louis Rams have to reset their draft board, surveying the talent landscape around the sixth pick. And there they have a problem: the draft landscape is littered with guys who are basically replaceable by other talent later in the draft. If Justin Blackmon […]

Redskins to Rams: let’s make a deal. (Rams to Redskins: Hell yes!)

Congratulations to Les Snead and the St Louis Rams. They have just won the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes. The loser? Robert Griffin III.  No matter how the deal worked out, Griffin was going to be drafted by a team that didn’t need him (the Rams), or a team that wouldn’t know how to use him […]

Mock draft: Isaiah Pead and the 3rd round running backs

Cincinnati RB Isaiah Pead was our 3rd round pick for the Rams in the NFLDW Experts Mock. The third round of the NFL Draft Wizard experts mock opened up with a run on running backs, as these mocks often do. The third and fourth rounds of the draft have been a gold mine for NFL […]

Mock Draft: through two rounds, Rams have a haul

Everything’s coming up Millhouse for the Rams in the NFL Draft Wizard Experts Mock. First, the team managed to navigate an uncertain trade environment and deal down with Cleveland, picking up two first rounders and a second. Then, with the first major decision of the draft (after Luck, Griffin and Kalil slot where you think […]

Mock draft: Rams trade down, select CB Morris Claiborne

The NFL Draft Wizard Twitter Experts 7-round Mock Draft (how’s that for a name?) kicked off with a bang today, as the St Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns pulled off a deal to deliver Robert Griffin III into Pat Shurmur’s hot little hands. The particulars: Cleveland, GMed by Jesse Aubin (@nefinfan), sends the #4, #22, […]