Redskins to Rams: let’s make a deal. (Rams to Redskins: Hell yes!)

Les Snead and company.

Congratulations to Les Snead and the St Louis Rams. They have just won the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes. The loser? Robert Griffin III. 

No matter how the deal worked out, Griffin was going to be drafted by a team that didn’t need him (the Rams), or a team that wouldn’t know how to use him or have weapons to support him (the Browns or Redskins). The best possible scenario, if you were Griffin, would be to somehow land in Miami, where you have a fan base starving for star power, a franchise left tackle blocking your blind side, and a ready-made superstar in Brandon Marshall to throw to. But that just wasn’t going to happen, with the Dolphins fixated on Peyton Manning.

But enough weeping for Griffin, we Rams fans have a party to attend to. Quite simply, we made out like bandits.

The options available to the St Louis Rams in the 2012 draft, if they traded out of the #2 pick, were good or gooder. Take picks 6 and 39 from Washington, or 4, 22 and 37 from Cleveland? When Washington upped the ante by tossing in their 2013 and 2014 first rounders, though, that was when Cleveland backed away from the table. And when Jay Glazer spring the deal onto Twitter tonight, all hell broke loose. 

Rams fans, frame this tweet. This may be a franchise-changing moment in time.