The Road to 53: The case for Chris Chamberlain and Jabara Williams

Chris Chamberlain makes a tackle in the 2010 preseason. Photo by Joe Robbins, Getty Images. One of the prevailing offseason story lines for the Rams was the influx of linebackers added to compete at every spot besides the one locked down by James Laurinaitis.  The team brought in Zac Diles from Houston, Brady Poppinga from […]

Highlights from Marshall Faulk’s HOF Enshrinement Speech

A reunion of the Greatest Show on Turf in Canton. How many of these men will eventually be enshrined here?  Fans of the “Greatest Show on Turf” era of the Rams, the first great era of pro football in Saint Louis in nearly 80 years, got to celebrate as one of their own was inducted […]

Rounding up the Herd: Marshall Faulk HOF Edition

                                                                                                The Greatest Show on Turf. The Bob ‘n’ Weave.  Anyone, Ram fan or not, alive at the turn of the century remembers these phrases well perhaps more importantly, remembers who is responsible for them.  Faulk was both the driving force behind the football renaissance that took place in 1999 and it’s most lasting memory.  […]

An Ode to Marshall

I wasn’t always a football fan. There, I said it. I grew up in Utah, a state built on John Stockton and Karl Malone, the heroes of my childhood who I spent countless hours watching with my grandpa. The beehive state is distinctively void of a professional football team with most Utahans relying on transplanted […]

Rams Camp Update: Jerome Murphy and more

It was all smiles early for Jerome Murphy at practice on Friday. Unfortunately, it didn’t end that way. It was a good news-bad news day at Rams Camp today. The good news is that the scorching 100-degree heat has finally broken, the cooling clouds and rain parted, and the field drained off nicely so we […]

ESPN’s new QBR Rating on Sam Bradford: “Below Average.”

Rams fans, get ready to be showered with Haterade from ESPN. Shocking, I know. Okay, first off, a disclaimer. ESPN obviously doesn’t entirely hate the Rams or Sam Bradford, or the ratings this rising team will pull in for their two Monday Night Football appearances this year. But they’re more than willing to stoke the […]

The hunt for Steven Jackson’s backup continues.

I wasn’t able to get to Rams practice today, but one who did was Zach Roman, known by his Twitter handle @BlazinBox. And he just might have come away with the juiciest tidbit of the day. BlazinBox Shook devaney’s hand, and he said at least one more move coming “hint it begins with a R […]

Free agency fears addressed? Recapping a flurry of moves

Are you still worried, Rams fans? Click to expand these results We got a very nice amount of responses to our web poll before the Rams actually started getting active and addressing some of our free agent fears. Thanks to all who participated! The question now is, did the moves made address your fears? Visit […]

Pulling Guards: Rams sign Harvey Dahl, Release Jacob Bell

Harvey Dahl has a new young quarterback to watch over. The Rams have been quiet while most of the big names in the free agent and trade market swirl around to land in other NFL cities. But when they’ve struck, it has been with precision, targeting the top players available at positions of need. And […]

Free agent fear factor: Where do the Rams HAVE to upgrade?

The Rams made their big splash so far in free agency with the signing of free safety Quintin Mikell. And we welcome him gladly. But now, with no more moves 48 hours later, the honeymoon period has worn off and the rumblings of frustration are reverberating among Rams fans. While Billy Devaney and Kevin Demoff […]

Losing Rice is a Big Mistake for Rams

Only two days ago I wrote the Rams need to make a splash in free agency. Today I am left confused, underwhelmed and annoyed. The theme of the Rams continues to be “better safe than sorry” while the big free agency fish swim off to richer ponds. Just today, the free agency golden goose, Sidney […]

Updated: The Rams’ Salary Cap Flexibility

The Rams have a little more room to play in the free agency pool… but not a lot. For those a little confused (and count me among them) by the Rams spending big on Quintin Mikell — 4 years, $27 million dollars, with $14 million guaranteed according to reports — just hours after it was […]

What new safety Quintin Mikell brings to the Rams

New Rams free safety Quintin Mikell is equally talented against the run and the pass. The Rams made a surprising move in free agency Tuesday, signing perhaps the best free safety available, Philadelphia’s Quintin Mikell. Earlier today, we looked at pessimistic reports of the Rams’ salary cap room, and at the Rams’ apparent low priority […]

The Rams’ incredibly shrinking salary cap

Remember when we learned that the NFC West was the “richest” division in football in terms of cap money to spend in free agency? The news spawned a whole new round of free agent dreaming. “Why not Barry Cofield AND Reggie Bush AND Sidney Rice?” asks the dreamer. As it turns out, the cap-crunchers have […]