Rounding up the Herd: Marshall Faulk HOF Edition

The Greatest Show on Turf. The Bob ‘n’ Weave.  Anyone, Ram fan or not, alive at the turn of the century remembers these phrases well perhaps more importantly, remembers who is responsible for them.  Faulk was both the driving force behind the football renaissance that took place in 1999 and it’s most lasting memory.  Faulk did more than score touchdowns and win games.  He brought football relevancy and respectability back to St. Louis.  Along with Warner, Bruce, Holt, and Pace, Faulk led the transformation from Lambs to Rams.
Marshall brought a new era to football outside of St. Louis and his impact on today’s game in undeniable. No longer is it acceptable for a RB to simply run the ball. Today’s backs are expected to pound the ball up the middle, bounce outside, catch passes, run tight routes and line up at the line of scrimmage with the wideouts. The position has also become much more cerebral. Running-Backs need to understand not just the play called but the defense they are lining up against.

I have always been a football fan but I would be lying if I said my passion for it had diminished. The football Cardinals left town when I was little and I never had a “my team” to latch on to and identify with. No team to live, breath, die, rejoice with and over. Marshall Faulk help give that to me and I can only assume countless others. Thank you for that and above all…congratulations!

Let The Praise Begin

Rams getting loud about their guy

The mind of a QB at RB

Sometimes you just need to let the numbers speak for themselves

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s, it’s… Super Ram

Warm climate, a winning team & natural grass…not what he was looking for but it got him to Canton

A Top Ten for 28

He stood alone among the best

Who better to praise Faulk than those he went against and with on Sunday’s

How I love thee Marshall…let me count the ways

And finally…the evil genius behind it all