How does the Lockout end? With a thank you, but no apologies

For the last four months, ever since the players and owners stood up from their respective tables and went the paths of decertification, lawsuits, and locking the doors, it’s been awful hard to talk about football. Like a giant family of children caught in the middle of a very loud, very public and very messy […]

Rams need to make a statement in free agency

Last year, I would have gladly settled for mediocrity from the Rams. My expectations were at a relatively low level after starting over from a one win season and hinging the outcome of 2010 on a rookie quarterback with injury questions. Then the team exploded with a 7-9 season and an almost playoff berth built […]

Rounding up the Herd: Back On The Clock Edition

Soooo…the premise of today’s post was supposed to be what approach the Rams are going to or should take when Free Agency opens tomorrow. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  As our town’s Mike Shannon so famously once said, “you have to get up pretty early to try and sneak sunshine by a rooster.”  I […]

In the free agency blitz, the Rams’ top priority: a Guard?

Is John Greco the Answer or not? Ignoring the stories of how Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins are holding the NFL season ransom unless they are paid $10 million dollars, a deal between players and owners seems actually possible this week. Employees at Rams Park are preparing for training camp to begin this weekend, with […]

Rams defensive line needs a Giant reunion

The addition of Cofield and Umenyiora could be huge Steve Spagnuolo’s reputation was built on relentless pressure and dominating defense, especially after leading the 2007 Giants to a Super Bowl title over the heavily favored Patriots. The men in blue turned Tom Brady black and blue all day, stifling a record breaking passing game through […]

Two hundred thousand dollars: the price for labor peace

There’s a rumor going around that the NFL lockout is about to end. No, really this time. And amidst that news comes the revelation that DeMaurice Smith is one crafty motherscratcher. It is now known that the owners began preparing in earnest for this lockout more than two years ago, as they negotiated a $4.3 […]

Rams’ rebuilt offensive line: the Money Pit

Rams center Jason Brown signed the richest contract ever for a center in 2008. Says PFF’s Khaled Elsayed, “he has yet to go any way toward earning that big deal.” Since Billy Devaney came to the Rams, St. Louis has committed more money to the offensive line than any other team in the division: a […]

Week in review: still locked out, hope still on the horizon

Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith together in a rare show of positive spirits. Photo by Brian Blanco, AP. On a Monday, a blazing hot summer sky ripped open with explosions, the symbolic fires of war lighting up peaceful landscapes filled with the aromas of hot dogs and warm beer. Such began a week of paradox […]

Rounding up the Herd: Defense Edition

What was once a weakness for the St. Louis Rams is steadily becoming one of their strengths.  Spagnulo and company still have work to do but coach Spags’ defensive pedigree is showing. After years of just flat out blowing high draft picks on defensive busts the likes of Claude Wroten, Jimmy Kennedy(bust at least for […]

Danny Amendola: “Nowhere to go but down”?

A Rams fan’s perceptions of Danny Amendola get turned upside down The St. Louis Rams, newly energized by the Josh McDaniels offense, will be a very hot topic for fantasy football players looking for those ever-elusive sleepers. Logically, Danny Amendola, the Rams’ leading pass catcher (85 receptions and 3 TDs on 114 targets, all team […]

A toast to our readers on RamsHerd’s 2nd Birthday

Two years ago, on June 24th, I sat down to write my first feature for RamsHerd. In the tiny monkey-filled room of my brain, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I’d been a part of the venerable Turf Show Times community for some time, writing occasional long-form rants and […]

NFL Fans to Roger Goodell – you just don’t get it.

Infographic: The NFL lags far behind the other three major sports in fan relations. Click for full size image. While working on our series on the Rams’ rise up ESPN’s Ultimate Franchise Rankings (part 1, part 2, part 3), we discovered an interesting little statistical tidbit. The Rams’ ranking on “Fan Relations” leaped forward from […]

Inside the Rams Rise up ESPN’s Ultimate Franchise Rankings (Part 3)

Why is fixing this ranking so important? No less than the pride of the fan is at stake. Here’s a quick quiz, America of 2009, name a St Louis Ram not named “Steven Jackson.” Take your time, we’ll wait. The name recognition value of the franchise had hit a low ebb as the Rams’ Ultimate […]