Rounding up the Herd: Back On The Clock Edition

Soooo…the premise of today’s post was supposed to be what approach the Rams are going to or should take when Free Agency opens tomorrow. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  As our town’s Mike Shannon so famously once said, “you have to get up pretty early to try and sneak sunshine by a rooster.”  I can think of no betSpags_Thinkingter way to describe the move NFL owners tried to pull yesterday in CBA negotiations.  In a move very similar to the way Congress loves to attach bogus pay increases or personal agendas to a Bill, NFL owners figured why not give it a try. Whoops.

What should have been a joint moment in celebration for both sides, we now continue to wait. But I can guarantee that will not stop Spagnuolo and Devaney from sorting through the, what must appear endless, potential list of Rams Free Agents, Restricted & Un-restricted FA’s and UDFA’s.  In doing their due diligence the collective brain trust at Rams Park will need to prepare for the complete chaos that will be 2011 Free Agency. And to be completely honest with you my faithful readers, I am so excited for the chaos.  Fans and media alike are going to see 6 months worth of action take place in a span of about 3-4 weeks. To quote another all time great, Flounder from Animal House, “This is gonna be great!”

So the logical question remains how are the Rams going to do this?  And with so little time and amidst the chaos what should they take care of first? Believe it or not there are some differing opinions on the topic.  Here is a sampling of those I have deemed worthy. Congratulations if you see your link below.

Let the link-fest begin!

Make it rain! A lot of money to be spent in the NFC West

The Blitz is on, question is can the Rams pick it up.

So it would only make sense to get help up front, right?

Always good to stick with what you know…and Spags knows the Giants

One thing’s for sure there are a lot of roster options to explore

With still so many needs and now even less time…what to address first

Sando’s Take, on someone else’s take, on…

And don’t forget about the UDFA’s. Oh my goodness the UDFA’s!

Rams on the clock…again

Evan Silva’s got a checklist yes he do, Evan Silva’s got a checklist how ‘bout you!