Plight of the Rams fan in 2013: should I care?

Many times in my life as a Rams fan, the team has brought out wild swings of emotion in me. There were the highs of pure fandom ecstasy, the kind when our boys in blue ran rampant over defenses in the late 90's. There were the lows of absolute frustration, the kind when watching the […]

R is for Risk: Weighing the Rams’ new Draft Philosophy

What seems like an eternity ago during the Devaney and Spagnuolo regime, draft day was tightly regimented, sacrificing athleticism to avoid character risk in draft pick after draft pick.  A few picks like James Laurinaitis and Rodger Saffold worked out, but the others fell flat and ultimately failed in building the foundation the “four pillars” […]

Taking the Reins: This is Sam Bradford’s Team Now

One of my favorite stories in Rams lore was in a week nine loss against the Lions during the 1999 Super Bowl season. The loss was nothing special, one of three on the season, but Kurt Warner’s story from that day echoes in my head as this St. Louis team experiences a changing of the […]

2013 Rams Draft: Reviewing the Safety Class

Around St. Louis, the name “Craig Dahl” evokes images of terror, missed tackles and blown assignments.  “Dahl” has practically become interchangeable with a number of four letter expletives in and around the Edward Jones Dome and television sets showing Rams games on Sundays. In fact, Pro Football Focus had Dahl rated as the 78th out […]

Greatest No On Turf: an open letter to Rams fans

As I woke up this morning, I entered the Rams’ Twitter contest to win a signed Dick Vermeil mini-helmet, a totem embodying memories of the greatest era in St. Louis Rams history. The question to qualify for the prize was even based on the Rams’ meteoric rise under Vermeil, asking for the disparity in the […]

Rams 2013 draft options: an early look at the first round

As the NFL Draft becomes a year round affair, it’s never too early to talk who might be receiving a congratulatory shake from the ‘Stache come late April to inform them they’ll be donning the Ram horns. Presuming the Rams finish the season around 5-10-1 and the Redskins finish around 6-10, St. Louis will have […]

Griffin’s Comments Define Immaturity

In today’s NFL, there’s no shortage of things to complain about if you’re a player.  There’s the persistency of terrible officiating by replacement refs, concussions becoming as common as busted Matt Millen draft picks and murky discipline decisions by NFL czar Roger Goodell.  However, shiny new prodigy Robert Griffin III found a few more grievances […]

Thoughts on Torry Holt’s retirement as a Ram

Rarely do fans find a player that from the very moment you witness their athletic prowess, they leave an indelible mark and connection to your heart and passion for sports. This has happened only three times in my life, with players from very different sports and very different teams. The first is the greatest man […]

An Open Letter To Stan Kroenke From Rams Fans

Dear Stan, Where there is smoke, there is fire. A tired cliché, I know, but one very applicable to the current situation regarding the Rams’ future in St. Louis and the potential blaze burning behind your office door. As bidders emerged for the Los Angeles Dodgers this week, you threw your name in among those […]

An ode to the Rams coaching search

‘Twas the day of Black Monday, and all through Rams Park A franchise was emerging, back from a seemingly eternal dark Stan came with his axe and off came their head Devaney and Spags, an error of Rams football fell dead Their standard wouldn’t cut it, 10 wins in three years Kroenke said “enough, our […]

Grass is greener for ex-Rams

The grass is truly greener on the other side, at least for players who leave St. Louis.  Several players released by the Rams in the last two seasons of the tenuous tenure of the Spagnuolo-Devaney regime have gone on to prosper for other teams. This speaks to the state of the Rams in a whole […]

Rams should pass on Luck

Sam Bradford is better than Andrew Luck and there should be zero consideration of drafting him if the Rams end up with the first overall pick.  Bring on the criticism, the second guessing and the obscenities because Rams fans need to get real about the semi-messianic hype Luck is receiving as the next “it” quarterback […]

Rams finally deliver on expectations

Elation. Euphoria. Excitement.  Words used to describe NFL powerhouses like the Packers but words that were rarely uttered anywhere near St. Louis until today. The lowly Rams hosted the supercharged Saints and took every punch New Orleans threw, emerging from the dust with a 31-21 victory. The Rams seemed to finally put it all together, […]

Missing: Defensive Leaders

I don’t live in St. Louis but I have to assume by now someone has filed a missing persons report for what were supposed to be the young leaders on this Rams defense.  Fans shouldn’t be surprised to see names and pictures of guys like Chris Long and James Laurinaitis plastered on milk cartons, players […]

GM’s are the difference in Rams-Packers

“Success starts at the top” is one of the biggest cliches in football but ahead of the Rams-Packers clash Sunday, it is as true as ever. In football, the “top” is the general manager, who oversees personnel moves with both players and coaches. One of the underrated story lines to this week’s game is the […]