An ode to the Rams coaching search

‘Twas the day of Black Monday, and all through Rams Park

A franchise was emerging, back from a seemingly eternal dark

Stan came with his axe and off came their head

Devaney and Spags, an error of Rams football fell dead

Their standard wouldn’t cut it, 10 wins in three years

Kroenke said “enough, our fans have cried enough tears”

Thusly, the coaching search began

Shrouded in mystery, the true style of “silent Stan”

Suddenly, a name emerged, one that energized the fan base

A man with a great track record and a mustachioed face

Jeff Fisher it was, an experienced head coach for once

Stan wasn’t looking for the next Linehan or Spagnuolo dunce

But the Dolphins stepped forward, they wanted Fisher too

Using south beach and tropical climate to woo

The dolphins had the deep pockets of owner Stephen Ross

But just ask Sparano, he’s not the best boss

‘Twas a battle of epic proportions, The media asked “which billionaire wins?”

Fisher debated for what seemed like weeks over the Rams and the ‘Fins

The main issues it seemed were money and power

Ross had more cash but denied Fisher the leeway of Bill Cowher

So in the end, it was the blue and gold

Fisher got a franchise QB and a roster he can mold

Excitement rang out in Rams nation, the first sign in a while

For the first time since the Greatest Show on Turf made us smile

Now it’s time for a new era, hopefully one filled with Super Bowl glory

And Jeff Fisher will be the author of this new St. Louis story