Rams Grades: Week Four

The Rams continued their run of ineptitude against the Redskins Sunday, looking outmatched in every facet of the game. They don’t appear concerned or passionate that they are the biggest joke in the National Football league and there isn’t much hope from the first four weeks to show they will turn it around. Dropped balls, […]

Reevaluating our relationship with Sam Bradford

My relationship with Sam Bradford is at a crossroads.  In the beginning, I wore my number eight jersey with pride, symbolic of this player who I truly and irrationally believed would immediately exorcise the hollow memories of the Greatest Show on Turf that echo through the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams fan base lived through […]

Rams are wasting Alexander

Danario Alexander rapidly became Sam Bradford’s favorite red zone target on Monday night. Imaging if he’d played more than 16 snaps. So far, the 2011 Rams have been defined by the letter “W”.  A “W” that stands for “waste”, not “wins”.  They have wasted field position, red zone opportunities and catchable passes but they are […]

Rams Grades: Week One

To put it mildly, the Rams performance in the first game of the 2011 season was horrible. It seemed that every part of the team was consistently schooled by the “dream team” Eagles, leaving more questions than answers if St. Louis is actually ready to become a playoff contender. Here are the team grades for […]

The Road to 53: The case for Chris Chamberlain and Jabara Williams

Chris Chamberlain makes a tackle in the 2010 preseason. Photo by Joe Robbins, Getty Images. One of the prevailing offseason story lines for the Rams was the influx of linebackers added to compete at every spot besides the one locked down by James Laurinaitis.  The team brought in Zac Diles from Houston, Brady Poppinga from […]

Bradford vs. Cassel: Fantasy Focus

Sam Bradford faced off against the Chiefs in 2010, in a game with surprising playoff implications.  Last year, the Rams and Chiefs began to emerge from their respective franchise dark ages to become two of the annual surprise contenders in the NFL. Following a combined 2009 record of 5-27, both teams from the show me […]

Making the Grade: Colts vs. Rams

The first 2011 preseason game is in the books and we have our first look at the new and improved Rams who beat the Colts 33-10. Like any beginning of the preseason, there are only glimpses of the first team offense and defense but here is my first set of grades for the team:  Quarterbacks: […]

An Ode to Marshall

I wasn’t always a football fan. There, I said it. I grew up in Utah, a state built on John Stockton and Karl Malone, the heroes of my childhood who I spent countless hours watching with my grandpa. The beehive state is distinctively void of a professional football team with most Utahans relying on transplanted […]

Losing Rice is a Big Mistake for Rams

Only two days ago I wrote the Rams need to make a splash in free agency. Today I am left confused, underwhelmed and annoyed. The theme of the Rams continues to be “better safe than sorry” while the big free agency fish swim off to richer ponds. Just today, the free agency golden goose, Sidney […]

Rams need to make a statement in free agency

Last year, I would have gladly settled for mediocrity from the Rams. My expectations were at a relatively low level after starting over from a one win season and hinging the outcome of 2010 on a rookie quarterback with injury questions. Then the team exploded with a 7-9 season and an almost playoff berth built […]

Rams defensive line needs a Giant reunion

The addition of Cofield and Umenyiora could be huge Steve Spagnuolo’s reputation was built on relentless pressure and dominating defense, especially after leading the 2007 Giants to a Super Bowl title over the heavily favored Patriots. The men in blue turned Tom Brady black and blue all day, stifling a record breaking passing game through […]

Financial football versus fútbol

The good news is Stan Kroenke said he is planning to open his wallet for new additions and retaining some of his best football players. The bad news is, it may be the wrong football team if you are a Rams fan. Following his takeover in St. Louis, Kroenke shelled out another reported $1.2 billion […]

Quinn’s life a true test of character

New Rams DE Robert Quinn, all smiles on draft day, faced an arduous path on his way to the pros. Robert Quinn’s football career has been a true test of character. It began after he was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor while in high school after suffering severe headaches and blackouts. He underwent serious […]

Marshall Faulk, Steven Jackson, and the life cycle of Rams running backs

Marshall Faulk is all smiles, now that his job isn’t on the line.Only seven years ago, Rams legend Marshall Faulk was coming off an 11 touchdown season when the team pulled somewhat of a shocker and selected Steven Jackson 24th overall in the 2004 draft out of Oregon State. Ironically, Faulk was selected Thursday to […]

Rams should heed history before drafting Liuget

Could Liuget be the next in a long line of failed defensive tackle first round picks for the Rams? Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Einstein’s words have echoed loud and clear over the last decade of Rams drafts, especially in […]