Losing Rice is a Big Mistake for Rams

Only two days ago I wrote the Rams need to make a splash in free agency. Today I am left confused, underwhelmed and annoyed.

The theme of the Rams continues to be “better safe than sorry” while the big free agency fish swim off to richer ponds.

Just today, the free agency golden goose, Sidney Rice, was scooped up by (hated) division rivals, the Seattle Seahawks. 

The Seahawks took the best free agent option at the wide receiver position, who is entering the prime of his career and will become a deep threat the Rams desperately needed.

Remember the last game of the season in 2010? I try hard not to think about it but the Rams’ offense was as lifeless as a Nicholas Cage movie.

137 pass yards with six points from field goals was all the offense could amass while the
leading receiver, Daniel Fells, had a grand total of 39 yards.

That game was the deciding factor in keeping the Rams out of the playoffs and saw the Seahawks make the postseason.

Fans, pundits and journalists from all Rams related circles screamed collectively all offseason that the team needed a new franchise wide receiver to pair with Sam Bradford.

Rice was right there for the taking and the Rams let him slip away.

Many will argue that St. Louis is strapped against the salary cap but the $8 million a year Seattle is paying Rice is manageable factoring in football economics and the going rate for a premiere pass catcher.

Instead of seeing Rice regularly make spectacular plays against the Seahawks secondary, the Rams will have to watch it two games a season for the next half decade.

A solution just yesterday to St. Louis’ achilles heel may turn into its worst nightmare for years to come.

Quintin Mikell was a great signing and will improve the team but the Rams whiffed again on adding a huge offensive threat.

The team better hope to solve the situation through the rest of free agency, a trade or the very least a top receiver in the 2012 draft.

If not, I wouldn’t blame Sam Bradford for being a little more than annoyed too.