Quick Hit: Speed isn’t everything for a wide receiver

I was able to find tape of California v. Washington State and California v. USC.  I am even more impressed with Keenan Allen.  With full understanding that I am the person who added a caveat to my prior WR draft article about combine numbers and Keenan Allen, I want to remind Rams Fans that sometimes the numbers do not matter.

Over the last five years or so, the top wide receivers in the NFL have been Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Hines Ward, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, Vincent Jackson, Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson.  Others could be included, such as Hakim Nicks, Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss, etc. but I am sticking with the obvious.

I will admit that Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson had amazing combine numbers, including 40-yard-dash times.  Thereafter, the numbers might surprise you.  Experts are suggesting that Keenan Allen will run a 4.5 at the combine.  Rams Fans are focusing on Calvin Johnson’s 4.32, and Julio Jones 4.39.  Those fans appear to be forgetting that A.J. Green ran a 4.5, and they are clearly forgetting about the following:


Combine Speed

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Anquan Boldin


John Clayton


Larry Fitzgerald


Wall Street Journal


Hines Ward

DNP Pro Day = 4.58



Jerry Rice


Bleacher Report


Brandon Marshall


NFL Draft Scout


Roddy White

DNP Pro Day = 4.47

NFL Draft Scout


Vincent Jackson


NFL Draft Scout

Combine Results

There is no reason for me to make a declaration at this time whether Keenan Allen should be our 1st first round selection.  I am going to wait for the overall combine numbers.  The real purpose of this article is to remind Rams Fans that not every number 1 wide receiver in the NFL ran a sub 4.4 at the combine.