Week 8 Review – Catharsis Before the Bye

Talk about a major understatement. This came from my preview: “The one key difference between Miami and New England is the passing offense. New England has real weapons and can threaten the Rams defense. Miami could not.” While accurate, the comparison is ludicrous. Comparing the New England passing game to the Miami passing game is […]

Week 8 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots

  I am having Déjà vu. Upon completion of my research, I have written this preview before. See if any of this sounds familiar. The Rams need to be able to run the ball, or at least threaten the run to have offensive success. Turns out, the Patriots strength on defense is against the run.  […]

Week 7 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Green Bay Packers

  Aaron Rodgers may end up being the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. I asked a question in the preview whether a defense can actually stop Rodgers or whether Rodgers beats himself. Watching this game answered that question for me. I am not suggesting that the Rams defense is the Steel Curtain […]

Week 7 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Green Bay Packers

  I am struggling with this preview. I do not see a strength or weakness in the Green Bay defense. They are 14th overall in total defense, 18th in passing defense, and 17th in run defense. If there is one area they stand out, it is sacks. They lead the league with 21 sacks. At […]

Michael Brockers improved the run defense?

  Syllogisms are often used to form conclusions in sports. For those that do not study logic, a syllogism is a form of a logical argument where the conclusion is inferred from two prior statements. An easy example is: All humans will eventually die. All football players are humans. All football players will eventually die. […]

Week 6 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Miami Dolphins

The St. Louis Rams were the better team last week, looking at numbers only. The Rams had 462 total yards to the Dolphin’s 192 yards. The Rams had 22 first downs. The Dolphins only had 12. The vaunted number-one-ranked run defense allowed 6 yards a carry and 162 total rushing yards. Not surprisingly, the Rams also […]

Week 6 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Miami Dolphins

  Looking at the numbers, this doesn’t look good for the Rams. Since the end of the 2007 season, the Rams have won exactly five road games. Yes, this is a different team, but this new team is 0 and 2 on the road. The Rams need to be able to run the ball, or […]

Week 5 Review – St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals

  This is one of the rare times that I can brag a little. Last week’s preview was dead on. Fans of the greatest show on turf may not have rejoiced, but, for now, this is the blueprint for success. Before we get into the review, I have a few comments.  First, when I went […]

Week 5 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals

Tonight, the St. Louis Rams face the biggest game on their schedule in the first half. This game, more than any other, has the potential to set a tone of this season. If the Rams win at home against the hated Arizona Cardinals, look out for the next home game; the Edward Jones dome will be crazy. I am […]

Week 4 Review – St. Louis Rams v. Seattle

  The 2012 St. Louis Rams are work in progress. They had their worst tackling game of the season, a good first half of rushing, a horrendous second half of rushing, and way too many third and longs against a pass rushing defense. Yet, they won. They won this game on coaching. Jeff Fisher outcoached […]

Cheeks in the Seats

If you are a fan of the St. Louis Rams, this is required reading. Fandom comes with very few strings. You can claim to your friends that you are a huge fan, and very few will question the legitimacy of your claim. I now say to all fans of the Rams, if you do not attend this Thursday's game […]

Game 4 Preview – St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are coming to the Edward Jones dome for a visit. After watching the Rams play the Bears, the Seattle defensive line is probably looking to top its 8 sack performance (IN ONE HALF) from Monday night. Rams’ fans may not realize their own dire circumstances. I have seen pundits and fans alike […]

“They abandoned the run” – maybe not

  Here we go again. Pundits everywhere are distressed that the Rams abandoned the run in the loss to the Bears. My first article after the Rams loss noted the Rams called for runs on only 26% of the plays in the Bears game. I called it an astonishingly low ratio. At the same time, […]

Week 3 Review– St. Louis Rams vs. Chicago Bears

In this review, I am humbled. The Rams did everything I asked and lost. In fact, part of the reason why they lost is they could not get away from the game plan I asked for. The bears were prepared for the steady Eddy approach set forth below, and they wanted the ball in the […]

What the hell happened and other life altering questions

  It is not the end of the world. The Rams lost to a potential division winner on the road. Remember, the Bears lost 10 days earlier to their division rival. They simply could not lose to the Rams, in this game, at Soldier Field. Fans should not be devastated by this loss. At the […]