Preseason Game 1: Hope gets slammed to the turf, gets back up again

Preseason Week 1: Vikings (0-0) at Rams (0-0) August 14, 2010 12:00 CST 7   28 Recap | Play by Play | Video Hope for the Saint Louis Rams has been long delayed. So what was a few plays longer? After an exchange of scoreless series, the Vikings prepared to punt away to the Sam […]

NFC West 2010 Power Rankings, Part 1

Last year at this time, I wrote up a new type of power rankings for the division, focused on the ten individuals — players, coaches, or other — who would have the single greatest impact on their team’s win/loss total for the year. (2009 Rankings: Part 1, Part 2). Topping my list last year was […]

Why the Rams should stop fooling around and sign Danario Alexander

He’s waiting for your call, Mr. Devaney VanRam at TurfShowTimes, master of the rhetorical question, asked into the wind: How many receivers will the Rams keep on the active roster? My guess, based on the Rams’ increased use of four-wide formations in camp so far, is at least five, and probably six. Which means that […]

Rams Camp Spotlight: George Selvie Earning Praise

The Rams had needs all over the board, heading into the 2010 draft, with defensive line a priority. So much of a priority that Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy were in the team’s talks (in public, anyway) until the final week of pre-draft hype. However, once draft clock started, the Rams waited until the third […]

Photos from Lindenwood

You might look at these photos and say “whoa, suddenly Will has skills!” Sadly, not true. The parents of RamsHerd drove up for the weekend, and my dad brought his big-guy camera along to get some action shots. We were set up on the 25 yard line close to the end zone where the action […]

Bradford winning fans at Lindenwood scrimmage

Sam Bradford, genuine item. The Rams played their second annual Lindenwood scrimmage tonight in front of an appreciative crowd that happened to include SI’s Peter King. And while the Rams’ new $50 million dollar man didn’t take the first snap, he did make the most memorable throw: SI_PeterKing Just leaving Rams scrimmage at Lindenwood U. […]

Rounding up the Herd: Wednesday Edition

I didn’t get to yesterday’s broiler on the practice field — and apparently most of my twitter folk did the sensible thing and stayed in the shade as well. CL7TWO another hot hot day of camp… 115 on the heat index or something… take this thing day by day So instead we entertain you with […]

Rams Practice Notes: August 3

Jason Smith watches practice from the sidelines. Note: I attended the evening practice. For a nice wrapup of the morning practice, check out this post by

Rams Practice Notes: Monday August 2

Steven Jackson and Chris Ogbonnaya, your #1 and #2 backs? I wasn’t able to make it to yesterday afternoon’s practice, out of some misplaced dedication to my newfound desk job. I looked up at 3:00 though, and found my entire department empty. Wha?? Fortunately, the intrepid Rams fan

Rams Camp: Bonus notes & linkage

One item I totally omitted from my in-practice tweets, and from this morning’s in-depth training camp thoughts — not intentionally, but it was easy to miss because it felt so routine. The team scrimmaged 11-on-11, treating our line of the fence as the end zone, offense in traditional white jerseys and defense in navy blue […]

Practice Observations: July 31

Mardy Gilyard greets the fans. It was a long walk back to my car after Saturday’s afternoon practice, the first full team practice and the first of the Sam Bradford Era. Longer than usual, thanks to the rather popular idea that it might be fun to spend a beautiful afternoon getting a first hand look […]