Photos from Lindenwood

You might look at these photos and say “whoa, suddenly Will has skills!” Sadly, not true. The parents of RamsHerd drove up for the weekend, and my dad brought his big-guy camera along to get some action shots. We were set up on the 25 yard line close to the end zone where the action was headed, a perfect vantage point to get some quality pics. (Full set of pics on the RamsHerd Flickr page.) Enjoy!

Bradford in the pocket
Eugene Sims #92 gets stood up by Rodger Saffold, as Bradford gets his turn with the first team offense. Feeley started the day 4/4 for 66 yards by leading the first teamers down the field for a TD. Bradford answered with a matching TD drive.

Chris Long leads a group of Rams onto Lindenwood field
The offense was ahead of the defense all night, including the order that the buses arrived. Chris Long leads a group of mostly defensive players that arrived on the second bus.

Be careful with that t-shirt cannon, that thing is loaded!

Keenan Burton runs after the catch
On the first drive of scrimmage, Burton took a throw a yard past the line of scrimmage and turned it upfield for a 20-yard gainer.

Rodger Saffold handles Chris Long
Despite a very pass-oriented scrimmage, the first-team offensive line allowed very few pressures or “sacks”. A sack could be awarded if the d-lineman broke containment, but no contact with the red-shirted QBs are allowed.

Coach Spagnuolo on the prowl
Spags was on the field behind the huddle for many of the drills during scrimmage, and saw more penalty flags than he would have liked for false starts and illegal formations. No holding penalties were called, though, and no big plays were brought back.