Preseason Game 2: Yes, we know it doesn’t count, but…

Preseason Week 1:
Rams (0-1) at Browns (1-0)

August 21, 2010 12:00 CST

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We know it doesn’t count, but it’s been a long, long time since the Rams got a win, and got to silence the Nelson laugh that has been running constantly since the Detroit game of last year.

The extended Rams base isn’t exactly flooding the streets, thumping their chests, though. Because our offense looked like — and there’s no other word for it — dogshit. On only three drives did the Rams offense earn a non-penalty first down, and two of those were led by Keith Null against the Browns’ third-stringers. Tellingly, none of those drives were led by wunderkind Sam Bradford.

Is it the quarterback’s fault? We certainly can’t blame the offensive line, who held up admirably after a disastrous week 1 against the bloodthirsty Vikings. (It helps to have your best five starters in their positions.)

No, most Rams fans are content to point their fingers elsewhere — at receivers who couldn’t get open; at the lack of any threat in the running game once Steven Jackson was pulled; and most of all, at an offensive play-calling philosophy that plays like a broken record. Runs for no gain followed by more runs for no gain. Zero attempts at play action. Very short passes to running backs and tight ends, always aiming well short of the sticks and hoping for the best.

Only four times in 14 dropbacks was the kid with the $50 million dollar arm allowed to target his wide receivers.

To say that his development is being stunted by this offensive approach would be an understatement. It’s being cut off at the knees.

Something has to change. And quick.