Hope you like your Rams cute and cuddly…

It seemed like only yesterday I posited that the Rams would be smart to follow in the footsteps of the Blues, in terms of coming up with innovative ways to reconnect with fans. In fact, it was yesterday.

Blues mascot confusion

They invited the SLU student band to sit behind net and play during the breaks on weekend games (GREAT!). They introduced a furry blue monstrosity as a “fan-friendly” mascot (CREEPY!). They offer nights with cheap beer and food (AWESOME!). They really know how to retire a number, and they reconnect with their own team’s past as often as they can (A MUST!).

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this …

Today, via Facebook, the Rams announced an open competition for fans to help them name their new mascot.

The horrifying evidence after the break…

Let's name him 'Richie'

You can almost hear the art director’s meeting taking place. “Let’s make him cuddly, but strong! Aggressive, but not too scary! Full of spirit! But not too spirited, if you know what I mean (lolz)!”

And we can already name at least half of the name suggestions that are going to come flooding in.

Rammer. Ramsey. Rambo. Ramses. Rambunctious. Rammy. Mister Horny.

But I think we should go another route. In honor of our team’s recently departed unofficial mascot… I propose we name him Richie.