Bearish on Bradford?

At least one national writer still is, despite the wave of positive stories coming out of minicamps and OTAs: SI_JayClemons @RamsHerd — I’m not saying he’s “doomed” as a starter … I just think he’ll be David Carr/David Garrard-unremarkable in 5 years … This was just a part of an extended Twitter conversation I had […]

Rams Rewind 2009: Game 3, STL vs GB

Week 3: Packers (1-1) at Rams (0-2) Sept 27, 2009 12:00 CST 36     17 Recap | Play by Play | Video Week Date Opponent LY: Record LY: Points 3Y: Record 3Y: Points 3 Sept. 27 vs. Green Bay Packers 6-10 419/380 27-21 1155/1037 Rams games vs opponent, last three seasons: Week 5, 2006: […]

Recommended Reading: words of wisdom from Isaac Bruce

“Watch your thoughts for they become your words. Watch your words for they become your actions. Watch your actions for they become your habits. Watch your habits for they define your character. Watch your character for that becomes your destiny.” – Isaac Bruce

There’s no debate: Isaac Bruce is a Hall of Famer

When news broke that the Rams were bringing Isaac Bruce back to St Louis in a gentleman’s agreement with the 49ers, so he could retire as a Ram, I was happy, but not surprised. This was a natural move, and had been in the works for a while. And I was grateful to the 49ers […]

Rams Rewind 2009: Game 2, Rams at Washington

Week 2: Rams (0-1) at Redskins (0-1) Sept 20, 2009 12:00 CST 7   9 Recap | Play by Play | Video Week Date Opponent LY: Record LY: Points 3Y: Record 3Y: Points 2 Sept. 20 at Washington Redskins 8-8 265/296 22-26 906/982 Rams games vs opponent, last three seasons: Week 16, 2006: Won […]

Rams Rewind 2009: Game 1, Rams at Seahawks

Week 1: Rams (0-0) at Seahawks (0-0) 0    28 Recap | Play by Play | Video Week Date Opponent LY: Record LY: Points 3Y: Record 3Y: Points 1 Sep. 13 at Seattle Seahawks 4-12 294/392 23-25 1022/1024 Rams games vs opponent, last three seasons: Week 6, 2006: Lost 28-20 at home Week 10, […]

Rams Rewind: the 2009 season begins again this weekend

If I had media access to the OTA’s I would have tons of fun stuff to talk about. As it is, though, the headlines trickling out are slow. Rodger Saffold sprained his knee and will miss a few weeks. Keenan Burton looks “natural” again, running routes. Sam Bradford’s first throw in a St Louis stadium […]

Why couldn’t the Rams trade Atogwe?

21bird @RamsHerd I can’t believe Rams are letting him walk and get nothing(Atogwe) I find it hard to understand too, seeing that (1) so many teams are apparently interested in his services, and (2) that we were even able to get some value from a depreciated commodity like Adam Carriker. But after putting some further […]

Farewell to Atogwe the Difference Maker?

Barring a surprise deal, in less than two hours Oshimogho Atogwe will become a free agent and start fielding offers from teams rumored to include the Dolphins, Bears, and 49ers. The heart of the problem is whether or not Atogwe deserves to be paid with the top safeties in the game. Ron Clements wrote a […]

Recommended Memorial Day Reading: the story of Pat Tillman

Pat just had that way, with colonels and coaches and Nobel Prize winners, too, of slicing through rank and reputation, of turning every encounter into nothing more or less than two human beings talking. Hell, the guy introduced himself to strangers simply as “Pat,” and if they asked what he did before strapping it on […]

Three potential villains on the 2010 Rams

The Rams have been working hard to cleanse the locker room, getting rid of malcontents and erasing personnel mistakes made by the previous Zygmunt regime (who, not surprisingly, ranks on my list of top five Rams villains). In doing so, they’ve undoubtedly laid a better foundation for future success. But they’ve also uprooted a lot […]

Thinking about heroes and villains and the Rams

I watched the two-hour finale of 24 last night, and was just floored — not so much by Jack Bauer, or the ending, or the question of whether he was going to live or die — but by the final arc of the President Charles Logan storyline. I love a great villain, and he has […]

Will we hear the “No Respect” line this year?

In case you missed it, yesterday Peter King sat down to list his top 31 teams in the NFL. The Rams didn’t make the list. For the moment, I’m not going to dwell on my strong disagreement with this ranking. Instead, I wonder what’s going to be the team’s reaction when things start to gel, […]

Rams roster purge: the nine left standing since 2007

As I mentioned in the big read on Kroenke versus Khan, only nine Rams remain on the 53-man roster that Billy Devaney inherited on February 2008. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at those final nine. And once again, I should note that I’m not including Leonard Little, who is pondering […]

Khan vs Kroenke — good versus evil?

Shahid Khan rode into our Camelot on his white horse, appearing from the east this winter with the frigid Illinois sun at his back, carrying a promise to save the Rams from the evil clutches of those desperate and callous Southern Californians. But as he prepared his siege tower to mount the mighty castle walls […]