Bobby Carpenter: Future Ram?

Twitter and the news wires are awash with the news that Dallas linebacker Bobby Carpenter is about to be traded to the Rams. FakeBCarpenter Prolly straight up trade for Bradford. I’m that good. RT @dmn_cowboys: Cowboys in talks to trade linebacker Bobby Carpenter to St. Louis. No,

Oxymoron: *minor* back surgery

Rams Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson underwent back surgery in early April to repair a herniated disc he suffered in late November of last season. “It was a minor procedure,” coach Steve Spagnuolo told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday evening. “He feels great. It’s really not a big deal.” — Jim Thomas, STL Today: “Steven […]

Welcome to St Louis, Rooks!

Yes, St. Louis looks its best from the shores of Illinois. A flood of Rams rookies is descending on St Louis — 60 new signees and aspiring tryout players flying in, driving in, whatever it takes to get here for Rookie Minicamp. For many of these players, this is their first glimpse of the city […]

Wei Ji, Zhuan Ji, and Alex Barron

Alex Barron has no time for your Wei Ji. I’ve often heard — incorrectly, as it turns out — that “crisis” and “opportunity” are the same word in Chinese. They are related words, though, as “ji” translates roughly as a turning point. It seems to be particularly appropriate to bring this up tonight, as Denver’s […]

To Tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Van Ram posted a nice little profile on undrafted and outspoken free agent Simoni Lawrence over at TST this morning, featuring a nice burst of attitude and confidence: I told him [Rams’ linebacker coach Paul Ferraro] you get me in and I’ll do the rest and make you proud. Pretty entertaining stuff, and welcome on […]

Ex Pick to the Next Pick: Adam Carriker a Ram no more

They seemed so happy together… The first round picks of 2006 (Tye Hill) and 2007 (Adam Carriker) have both been cashiered, sold for pennies on the draft value dollar. Hill, originally drafted 15th overall (1050 draft points) hit a brief peak, then saw his confidence and ball reaction skills steadily erode. He was dealt to […]

Why I don’t write about baseball any more

I love baseball. Spending almost all of my adult life in Saint Louis, listening to the game as narrated by the luminous Jack Buck and gravel-voiced Mike Shannon, it’s hard not to. In fact, before I started blogging up the Rams, I was writing Cardinals series previews for St Louis Gametime‘s short-lived baseball mag, and […]

The Kroenke Bombshell: A Method in the Madness?

Stan Kroenke: No longer content with minority owner status? Stan Kroenke, on the verge of announcing his intentions vis a vis the Rams, had a bombshell dropped in his lap: a 16% share of the Arsenal soccer club (long pursued by Kroenke) was put up for sale by a Lady Bracewell-Smith. His response? A bombshell […]

A Week of Deadlines

2010: Year of the Ram? This may not be the Year of the Ram, but I don’t need to be a Chinese Astrologer to tell you that this week is going to be critical to the Rams in a lot of different ways… starting with a critical ownership decision on Monday. Monday, Aril 12th, Stan […]

The other shoe drops: Marc Bulger is a free man

When the Redskins pulled out of the Sam Bradford sweepstakes, choosing the “win now” option of Donovan McNabb over the “rebuild for the long term” option of a high-pick quarterback, it meant there was no looking back for the Rams. Well, the Rams officially went all-in on their decision to get that high-round quarterback, by […]

McNabb to the Redskins destroys the Rams’ trade leverage

Well, now that the only realistic potential trader for Sam Bradford’s services now has its franchise quarterback, I really hope things go well for the Rams and Bradford during their private workout on the 19th. Because now there’s no turning back. Yes, you could argue that McNabb’s window is limited and that the Redskins could […]