McNabb to the Redskins destroys the Rams’ trade leverage

Well, now that the only realistic potential trader for Sam Bradford’s services now has its franchise quarterback, I really hope things go well for the Rams and Bradford during their private workout on the 19th. Because now there’s no turning back.

Yes, you could argue that McNabb’s window is limited and that the Redskins could still have interest in Bradford, but I don’t buy it. McNabb has Pro Bowl caliber throwing skills, relying less on his legs and mobility in recent years. Throwing skills and decision making skills are much more durable than speed — just look at Brett Favre, who barely runs in his Wrangler commercials, let alone on a real football field, but is still playing quality ball.

Plus, the Redskins are in the post-Cerrato world of enabling Dan Snyder’s every whim. This move is the perfect gratification of both Snyder’s desire to make a big splash, and the newfound ethic of value and responsibility by GM Bruce Allen. Spending the #4 pick plus future picks for Bradford at this point (especially with five quarterbacks currently on the roster, as Ryan at Paint It Redskins points out) would be overkill.