Ex Pick to the Next Pick: Adam Carriker a Ram no more

Carriker and Linehan celebrate on draft day. They seemed so happy together…

The first round picks of 2006 (Tye Hill) and 2007 (Adam Carriker) have both been cashiered, sold for pennies on the draft value dollar.

Hill, originally drafted 15th overall (1050 draft points) hit a brief peak, then saw his confidence and ball reaction skills steadily erode. He was dealt to Atlanta last August, at the very tail end of his value, for a fifth round pick (<50 draft points). Hill was released after the season was over, and is now looking for new employ.

Carriker, meanwhile, never made a serious dent in the stat sheet, and saw his body become more brittle as it faced off week after week against pro competition. Today he was reunited with perhaps the one coach who still sees potential in him, former Ram and current Redskin defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. Hours after Clifton Ryan signed his RFA tender and cemented a spot on the depth chart, Carriker was gone. His trade value, after essentially a gentleman’s exchange of third-day picks? Exactly 10 points on the draft chart, compared to an opening day expense of 1150 as the 13th overall pick.

Or, as Jim Thomas puts it, “next to nothing.”

(Although given the track record of success the Rams have had with late round picks under Devaney, including former “Mr. Irrelevant” David Vobora, I don’t think that’s entirely fair to say.)

@RamsHerd If you swap 2006 and 2007 positions (CB and DT) – We’d have Revis and Ngata…

Oh, that just hurts. That’s painful. But we can’t sit here and cry over the terrible picks of the past, especially since we can’t re-fire the imbeciles who made them. Inspired by Guru of Gang Starr (may he rest), we have to move on… “from the ex pick to the next pick.”

Me? I’m just happy we got anything at all for this roster deadwood.