Rams Rewind: the 2009 season begins again this weekend

If I had media access to the OTA’s I would have tons of fun stuff to talk about. As it is, though, the headlines trickling out are slow. Rodger Saffold sprained his knee and will miss a few weeks. Keenan Burton looks “natural” again, running routes. Sam Bradford’s first throw in a St Louis stadium will be the ceremonial first pitch in tonight’s Cardinals game. (No word on whether he’s starting under center or from the shotgun formation.) And according to intrepid correspondent Ron Clements, who generously posed a question of mine in today’s post-OTA press conference, Coach Spagnuolo is heartened by the progress the team is making compared to a year ago.

Ron_Clements @RamsHerd Spagnuolo: “The thing that’s encouraging to me is when you see both sides of the ball feel comfortable spitting things out.” #Rams

Rams Comfortable Spitting Things Out. There you go, that’s your hot news item of the week.

In the spirit of regurgitation, then, we hope you’ll fire up your Tivos and join us in re-watching Games 1 & 2 of the Rams 2009 season. Why? For one, because it’s a long slow summer. But we also hope to find new shreds of useful data, trends on offense and defense, and hell, just a rekindling of the excitement of watching football. Even if we know how the games are going to turn out.

And now we ask you the immortal question: Are you ready for some football?

Saturday: Game 1, Rams at Seahawks
Marc Bulger leads his green-as-grass coaching staff into the harsh northwestern atmosphere of Seattle, where the Rams have not won a game in a dog’s age. Coach Spagnuolo’s permanent record as a head coach begins with Alex Barron at left tackle in the loudest stadium in the NFL. What could go wrong?

Sunday: Game 2, Rams at Redskins
Week two often features a number of crazy upsets, for whatever reason. But considering that the Rams have beat Washington twice in succession — perhaps the only two-game winning streak that we have against any NFL team — which team is the upset special?