Weekend Reading: the legend of Marshall Faulk

SI Cover: Marshall FaulkPlayers, coaches and staffers in St. Louis had heard the whispers—Faulk was a cancer at worst, a moody, me-first prima donna at best—and steeled themselves for the drama that was sure to unfold.

Star of Stars, by Michael Silver. Published Sept 3, 2001 A second quote that I really liked:

Kevin, however, is more interested in understanding Faulk’s feelings, and he touches a nerve when he asks, “What was it like getting traded?” Faulk appears to ignore the question, turning to watch an 11-on-11 drill. “Did you feel abandoned by the Colts?” Kevin asks. Ten seconds pass before Faulk answers. “You know what it was like?” he says. “It was like getting adopted.” The word hangs there, and this rich and famous athlete appears to have the boy’s sympathy. Then Faulk finishes: “By millionaires.”