Quick note on Terrance Sanders

Following up on super-reader Rodney’s question from yesterday, it looks like the Rams gave Boise Burn wideout/defensive back/return man Terrance Sanders a tryout today, and it did not end up with Sanders in a Rams uniform. This could be a case of terrible timing, with Rams camp likely abuzz with the acquisition of Ronald Curry (and the cutting of another camp receiver). Sanders would likely have had to literally walk on water to impress the coaches enough to add yet another name to the cut list.

However, as a footnote to the article, it does say that Sanders will be added to the Rams’ “in-case-of-emergency-break-glass” list of players. Assuming he goes back to Boise and keeps himself in playing shape, he could earn further consideration.

(Hat tip to TST, who posted the story first).