Rams Draft Preview: Matt Miller Of 4th And Long

Justin Blackmon may not be a Julio Jones, but he could have a Julio Jones-type impact as a rookie for the Rams next year.

For those of you looking ahead, Matt Miller and Andrew Kulha of Bleacher Report and the 4th And Long NFL draft podcast devoted a special edition of their show to the Rams’ draft needs. I was supposed to join the conversation, but a time zome mixup on my part had me dialing in an hour late. Nevertheless, it’s a great listen.

Matt and Andrew discuss who the Rams should be targeting in the first round (Justin Blackmon), the prospects of trading down (the Rams may field more calls than anyone), and which hidden cornerstones this franchise might still have, buried under the smoldering wreckage of this season.

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My apologies to Matt and Andrew for not joining in, but there’s thought-provoking stuff in here, and more high-quality NFL draft content in their B/R archives.