MNF: 30 Ways ESPN Can Boost Ratings For Rams vs Seahawks

TV watchers, Rams fans, you thought last week was bad? This game is going to suck. Big time. Even if Sam Bradford starts behind a completely rehashed offensive line, we’re only a missed block and a few ankle ligaments away from the Kellen Clemens era. And we’re in Seattle, where their stadium full of longshoremen […]

On Josh McDaniels And Offensive Continuity

This morning, Ryan from TurfShowTimes picked up on a thread of conversation linking Josh McDaniels to the Kansas City Chiefs. There’s a good chance, say those with their ears to the walls, that McD will be heading that way in some capacity when the offseason makeover begins on the far side of the state.  We […]

Naughty & Nice

We know he watches the games. We have seen him parachute in to stadiums, decked out in Hawaiian shirts and lays, we have even seen him pelted with snow balls from as hostile a group as there is. Who am I talking about? Well Santa of course. Like he does around the world every year […]

Looking Forward To 2012

With the 2011 season having ended for Rams fans long ago and the stench sure to linger for a while it might be a good idea to move on…assuming you haven’t already. 2011 Was a disaster, no doubt about it. Even if the Rams win out, which they won’t, they will fall short on last […]

Time To Bench Sam Bradford

The time has come this season to face a harsh reality. Sitting at 2-10 with four games remaining both the St. Louis Rams and Sam Bradford would be best served if he does not take another snap.  How the Rams handle Bradford for the remainder of the season will have a direct impact on the […]

Season-ending Reckoning For The Rams

The season has entered its fourth down. It’s time to punt. Let’s plant a marker down here, shall we? Twelve weeks in, Sam Bradford’s ankle (read: his offensive line) is apparently too tetchy for him to continue the season, and AJ Feeley just reached his expiration date. So it’s Tom Brandstater time, or so it […]

Rams-49ers: Recapping A Very Very Sad Day.

In lieu of a game photo, here’s a picture of a sad clown. Pretty much the same thing. There’s really nothing to say about today’s game against San Francisco. The Rams showed up with two starters on the offensive line worth a damn, and one of them was hurt. Sam Bradford gimped around on the […]

July 25, 2011: When Billy Devaney Lost His Way

If 2011 was his job interview, Billy Devaney is in big trouble. For most of his tenure in St Louis, the most maddening part of watching Rams GM Billy Devaney go about his business was his patience. As we sat in our virtual war rooms and howled for Devaney to sign this player or that, […]

Conservatively Moving-Force – Meets Immovable Object

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Although it is not really a particularly deep philosophical question, it is a classic paradox. An irresistible force can move any object. An immovable object cannot be moved. Hmm. Makes a person think. Perhaps a more fitting question heading into Sunday’s matchup with the 49ers […]

Rams Coaching Candidates: Talking Jeff Fisher

Could the Rams’ foe in 1999 be their savior in 2012? Let me start out by saying that I am not quite ready to bid farewell to the Steve Spagnuolo era in St Louis. I find it very disappointing to see the foundation of good will that he and Billy Devaney helped build completely crumble […]

Rams vs. Cardinals: Three Big Decisions

This is usually a forum to review Sunday’s action. Where I delve into each play and drive that ultimately lead to the outcome and made up the days drama. Today I find myself unable to take the same approach. This is not to say there was not big, important momentum turning plays throughout the game. […]

Spagnuolo’s Decisions Under Fire As Rams Drop Another To Arizona

The Rams’ run defense gave up 223 yards to Beanie Wells, making this the second time this season that the Rams have allowed an opponent to set a new franchise rushing record. Wells’ performance joins Demarco Murray’s atop the NFL leaderboard, and there is now little to look forward to but the draft. And open […]

Rams-Cardinals Pregame: A Test For Bradford And Lloyd

Patrick Peterson won round one of his matchup with Brandon Lloyd. The Cardinals’ rookie corner allowed only 3 catches on ten passes to Lloyd, and came away with an interception. What can the Rams do differently in round two?  This is a big test for Lloyd, who made an early splash with the Rams but […]

Rams Fantasy Roundup: Week 12 Arizona Cardinals

Looking back 12 weeks ago just prior to the opener against the Philadelphia Eagles the fantasy potential for the Rams seemed legitimate and promising. Whoops. As the season has progressed the opportunities that have presented themselves have been few and far between. Spagnuolo and McDaniels, along with the injury bug have all done their parts […]

Thanksgiving Shuffle: Mark Clayton to IR, Changes at OL

Another week, another shuffle in the roster. Mark Clayton’s grueling comeback from patellar tendon surgery — mostly done on his own, and on his own dime — ended disappointingly as the WR never got back to full game speed. The Rams placed him on IR yesterday, and have reportedly (according to Martin Kilcoyne at KFNS) […]