Naughty & Nice

We know he watches the games. We have seen him parachute in to stadiums, decked out in Hawaiian shirts and lays, we have even seen him pelted with snow balls from as hostile a group as there is. Who am I talking about? Well Santa of course.

Like he does around the world every year Santa watches and observes human nature and behavior. To think Santa would not be interested nor have enough time to put the NFL on his radar would be foolish. Between the big guy and his elves there is plenty of resources to make sure everything is covered. That is bad news for many of the St. Louis Rams.

With Christmas only two weeks away Santa’s list is complete. Rumor has it he had seen enough and that upcoming games against the Seahawks, Bengals and Steelers would not be enough to sway his decisions one way or the other. And Santa was thorough this year, coaches and executives did not escape his watch.

While I cannot be certain who is getting what under their tree or in their stocking, but I can venture a guess, I was able to sneak a peek at his naught & nice list. From what I see, here’s who made the cut. Noticeably, one list is much longer than the other.