The Case…To Keep Spagnuolo?!

As I write this I am fully aware and prepared that this will be the least popular and poorly received post I have written to date. I considered penning it under a stage name as to protect myself and family from further persecution and shame. Yet as I put pen to paper, rather keystroke to […]

Grass is greener for ex-Rams

The grass is truly greener on the other side, at least for players who leave St. Louis.  Several players released by the Rams in the last two seasons of the tenuous tenure of the Spagnuolo-Devaney regime have gone on to prosper for other teams. This speaks to the state of the Rams in a whole […]

Sam Bradford Has Lost That Lovin’ Feeling In the wake of this howlingly bad loss to the Seattle Seahawks, blame is being spread around like melted butter on a hot pan. Fire Spagnuolo. Fire McDaniels. Fire Devaney. And those are the big targets. This season is too far gone to pick on lesser targets like Ken Flajole and Steve Loney, men […]

Rams vs Seahawks Big Plays Big Decisions

No trick plays necessary for the Seattle Seahawks. A punishing defense was more than enough. The offense couldn’t get anything going and again wasted a solid defensive effort. Sam Bradford completed just 20 of 40 pass attempts, was sacked five times, fumbled twice and threw an INT. Steven Jackson saw his three-game streak of 100-yard […]

Recap: Rams Engulfed By The Seattle Seahawks

The St Louis Rams came into this game riding a small wave of momentum, winning two games and nearly locking up a third in the last three weeks. Steven Jackson had been running as well as he had in any three-game span of his career during that span, cracking the 125 yard mark in all […]

Rams vs Seahawks: Parsing The Injury Lists

The first matchup between the St Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks matches up two teams so badly ravaged by injury that they are barely recognizable. By the time they meet on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, the network programmers might just as well play the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. The visual result will […]

Anatomy Of A Play: Steven Jackson Finds Running Room

In recent weeks, the Rams rushing attack has taken off. Call it an adjustment on the part of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Credit SJ39 for finally being healthy. Whatever it is, it is working.  The Rams have called on Steven the last three weeks and he has responded very well. SJ39 has had 81 carries […]

Rams Cornerbacks and the 300-Snap Curse

Justin King has been the Rams’ iron man at cornerback this season. Whatever evil curse Andre Curtis (the Rams’ defensive backs coach) picked up during the lockout, he might want to go about setting things right. Return the jewel-encrusted eye to the withered old woman in New Orleans, or burn that monkey’s paw, or take […]

Rams vs. Browns: Big Plays & Big Decisions

In what was essentially a 3 hour battle of field position the St. Louis Rams came away winners in nearly the same fashion they lost just a mere seven day ago. Via a field goal attempt at the end of the game. In the NFL a win, is a win, is a win. And that […]

Inside an Upset: Did James Hall Block Cleveland’s Field Goal?

We like playing CSI here at RamsHerd, especially when strange things happen, like the Rams getting a win. The white lab coats, the sunglasses, the snappy dialog, and those millions of CBS viewers. This week’s mystery: did the Browns lose that game, or did the Rams actually win it? Central to the mystery is whether […]

Recap: A Rams Comeback Win? Or An Awful Browns Loss?

With 151 total yards, Steven Jackson accounted for more than half the Rams’ total offense in an ugly win. Sam Bradford earned his first ever fourth quarter comeback today against the Cleveland Browns. Here’s how he did it: Drive 1: Incomplete (negated by tripping penalty on Goldberg), Incomplete, Delay of game, 7 yard pass on […]

Rams Fantasy Corner: Week 10 Cleveland Browns

The Rams performance last Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals from an offensive standpoint was nothing short of maddening. Dominating nearly all statistical aspects of the game yet no pay dirt. That is about as frustrating as it gets for a fantasy GM. Add to the mix head coach Steve Spagnuolo seemingly looking to run out […]

Rams-Browns Preview: Q&A With

Pat Shurmur’s transition from the booth to the sidelines hasn’t been as smooth as he’d hoped. The St Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns might only face each other once every three years, but these two teams are far from strangers. With former Ram nemesis Mike Holmgren in the executive office, former Ram offensive coordinator Pat […]

Jason Brown’s Benching Signals A Season Of Change Ahead

Rams center Jason Brown was Billy Devaney’s signature signing. No one imagined he’d be a “healthy scratch” three years later. The Rams coaching staff wanted to send a shock wave through their team, and no better place to start than the middle of it all, I suppose. Center Jason Brown has been benched, held up […]

One More WR In The Mix: Mark Clayton Returns

The Rams waited until the last possible day to make their decision, but Mark Clayton has finally been activated from the PUP list and added to the regular season roster. When the Rams re-signed Clayton and placed him on the PUP, he was the eighth receiver in house and seemed like a ticking time bomb […]