Rams vs Seahawks Big Plays Big Decisions

No trick plays necessary for the Seattle Seahawks. A punishing defense was more than enough. The offense couldn’t get anything going and again wasted a solid defensive effort. Sam Bradford completed just 20 of 40 pass attempts, was sacked five times, fumbled twice and threw an INT. Steven Jackson saw his three-game streak of 100-yard games come to an end with a dismal 42 yards on 15 carries.

Wide receiver Sidney Rice provided early flash, completing a 55-yard pass to open the game, catching a touchdown pass and drawing a pass interference call to set up a field goal at the end of the half. Chris Clemons then took charge with three of Seattle’s five sacks and two forced fumbles on Sam Bradford in a 24-7 victory over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

The Seahawks shut down Steven Jackson and then hounded Bradford, who had little time to operate behind a banged-up line. The Rams were held to 185 yards, a season best for Seattle and the second worst showing of the season for the NFL’s lowest scoring team.

Plain and simple, what started out good with the Rams scoring in the first quarter for the first time since their season opener went all downhill from there.

1st Quarter:

1st and 10 on first play of the game and it is a 55 yard reverse-pass from Sidney Rice to Mike Williams….amazing pass. But on the ensuing 1st down Tarvaris Jackson is intercepted by Chris Chamberlin.

First drive for Rams nets them a 1st down but Bradford does not look sharp. Has one pass deflected and when given plenty of time to throw still misses his target in Lloyd.

After the 3 and out Seattle takes over and on his 2nd pass of the day Jackson throws his 2nd interception. Quintin Mikell jumps the route and picks it off. Giving St. Louis great field position at the Seattle 35 yard line.

Points off of turnovers.  After a short gain by Steven Jackson on 1st down on 2nd and long Bradford hits Brandon Lloyd for a 30 yard touchdown. Nice to see a Rams receiver get vertical and behind the defense.



3rd and 14 from their own 29 and Ram get a great pass rush by Quintin Mikell forcing Jackson to throw early bringing up 4th down. On the punt Robert Quinn is left alone to rush the punter. Getting free he lays out and partially blocks the punt.

The Rams offense really struggling to get anything going brings up a quick 3 and out. Fortunately the defense, especially the D-line is doing a terrific job stifling Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks offense. Making Seattle punt after their own 3 and out. Back to back penalties help St. Louis out forcing Seattle back inside their own 5 yard line for the punt.

After, wait for it, failing to get a first down yet again. On 3rd and 1 calling the long developing pass play rather than handing it off to Steven Jackson the Rams have to punt. After a penalty to the initial punt attempt St. Louis has to punt again. This time Donnie Jones out punts the coverage giving Seattle a big return into Rams territory.

2nd and 13 James Hall with a big sack of Jackson to end the first quarter for an 11 yard loss. Pushing the Seahawks back across mid-field. That brought up 3rd and 24 and Robert Quinn again breaks through the line, this time for a sack forcing the Seattle punt.

Seattle really shutting down the Rams running game and Steven Jackson but McDaniels and Spagnuolo not abandoning it. Perhaps learning from the Ravens failure to get Ray Rice involved a week ago.

Undisciplined play rears its ugly head again. After a big 1st down from inside their 10 yard line a personal foul on Steve Spach moves it back half the distance to the goal line and makes it 2nd and 20. Very next play a false start by 79 makes it 2nd and 26 from inside the 5 yard line.

Seahawks with great field position after Rams self-destruct and another out of character punt by Donnie Jones. Three plays later Seattle evens it up as Tarvaris Jackson hits Sidney Rice for a 14-yard touchdown. His first TD pass since week 5.


3rd and 7 and Sam Bradford is sacked for a big loss. Through the Rams first five drives of the game none were longer than 30 yards.

2nd and 25 after the personal foul for Seattle. Darian Stewart comes though on the blitz untouched for the sack bringing up 3rd and 32. Knocking the Seahawks out of field goal range.

Rams again deep in their own end. On 2nd and 8 from their own 10 Bradford hits Mark Clayton for 12 yards and a first down and the 22 giving the offense some breathing room.

Brandon Lloyd again covering for a poor pass by Bradford. Lloyd with a twisting catch at the left sideline to give the Rams a 1s down temporarily. However Pete Carroll and Seattle challenged the play and it was over turned forcing a St. Louis punt…again.

Busted coverage on Doug Baldwin almost gives Seattle a touchdown. Instead it goes for a 30 yard completion. On 3rd and 10 Lynch goes beast mode for 11 yards and the first down.

2nd and 9 in what may be the ugliest slowest developing sack of all time Chris Long and company bring down Jackson for a huge loss and force 3rd and very long. But…on 3rd down Justin King’s pass interference penalty in the end zone on Rice spots the ball at the 1 yard line with three seconds left in the half. Fortunately for Rams fans Carroll elects to take the guaranteed points and kicks the field goal heading into half.



  • Story line of the first-half can be summarized in four points.
  • Rams with 7 drives but none go for more than 30 yards.
  • Justin King on Sidney Rice leads to 10 points for Seattle.
  • Rams two snaps in Seattle territory
  • Seattle twenty snaps in St. Louis territory


3rd Quarter

Rams drive down the field in Seattle territory for only the third time of the game. On  3rd and 9 from Seattle 39 and Bradford leads Brandon Gibson by too much forcing another Jones punt. Good coverage on the kick pins Seattle at their 5 yard line to start the drive.

After completing a big 3rd down play earlier in the drive it stalls out in the end forcing the Seattle punt. St. Louis starting at their own 33 with decent field position. Rams doing a great job on Marshawn Lynch so far. Keeping him contained so far.

***Sam Bradford takes two shots down field to start the drive both incomplete. Then on 2nd and 10 Bradford is stripped from behind and fumbles. Seattle takes over inside the St. Louis 30 yard line and promptly gets a first down to the Rams 12 yard line.

After a grab by Rice gets the Seahawks inside the 5 yard line it brings up 3rd down. On 3rd and very short at the Rams 3 yard line and Lynch punches it in. Points off of turnovers now even at 7. Points from offense is a different story.


3rd and 1 and Rams go with the QB sneak. A friendly spot gives St. Louis the 1st down. Nice to see the Rams actually sustain a drive and Spagnuolo play it smart on 3rd and short. Of course 2 plays later (after a 9 yard run by Jackson) on 3rd and short again the call is for Bradford to roll out. No luck as Sam is chased out of the pocket and forced to throw it out of bounds.

Donnie Jones with his 8th punt of the day…his 8th Punt.Of.The Day.

The Rams defense continues to keep St. Louis in the game. As they hold Seattle on 3rd and five and force the punt as the 3rd quarter comes to an end.

4th quarter

Mark Clayton back to return the kick taking over for Austin Pettis

Sam Bradford looking worse as the game moves forward. Multiple passes either short or off of the mark the Rams offense continues to do its best to confuse the Seahawks with the 1985 Bears. Donnie Jones on to punt as usual.

A holding on Seattle on 1st and 10 at midfield moves the Seahawks back to the 40 and makes it 1st and 20. However on 2nd down the Rams get to Jackson but are not able to bring him down, and as he completes it to Golden Tate missed tackles almost give him the 1st down.

***Huge defensive stop by St. Louis as they stop Seattle inches short of the first down. Still needing two scores keeping Seattle off the board keeps the Rams alive.

3rd and 1 Rams go with an empty backfield and Bradford finds Steven Jackson in the middle for 5 yards and the first down. On 1st down Mark Clayton joins the drop party, failing to hold onto a Bradford pass that hit him in the chest. Donnie Jones on to punt again.

James Laurinaitis with the tackle on 3rd and 11 at the Seahawk 15 yard line to force the punt.  A terrific kick gives the Rams starting field position at their own 23 yard line.

On 1st and 10 Bradford takes the sack for a loss of nine yards. Then on 2nd and 19 Bradford has his pass batted into the air and intercepted at the Rams 21 yard line.

On 3rd and 11 the Rams show their tendency to give up the big play and poor tackling all at once. Justin Forsett takes it in 22 yards for the score and the game. Now down 17 points the Rams inept offense would take four games to make up those points.


Final salt in the wound Spagnuolo decides to keep Bradford in the game. With 2 minutes to go Bradford is hammered and sacked for the fifth time of the day and fumbles again. Seattle recovers inside the red zone putting a fitting end to a terribly played, executed and coached game by the Rams offense.