Rams Fan Guide to the NFL Combine, Day 4: Defensive Backs

The last day of workouts will feature the backend of the defense. And while they won’t break this group up in Indy, we will here at Ramsherd. There are some obvious team needs in the defensive backfield that will make this group a must-study. Let’s dive in. Cornerbacks NEED LEVEL – MEDIUM The Rams began […]

Rams Fan Guide to the NFL Combine, Day 3: The Front Seven

Monday morning of the NFL Combine will be the defensive prospects' turn to lace them up for all eyes to see. Members of the defensive front, linemen and linebackers, will get the first crack at it.  The consensus for all sound minds is the Rams defensive front is the overwhelming strength of the team.  There […]

Rams Fan Guide to the NFL Combine, Day 2: QB, WR, RB

The second day of workouts at the 2014 combine is easily the most intriguing for the Rams, and will easily be the most-discussed among Rams fans.  As the quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers take the field at Lucas Oil Field, I expect Les Snead, Jeff Fisher and company to be fully attentive. Let's dive […]

Rams Fan Guide to the NFL Combine, Day 1

The weekend of May 8-10 is undoubtedly one of the biggest turning points thus far in the Jeff Fisher & Les Snead era.  The 2014 draft will provide the Rams with ample opportunities to continue to build this roster in hopes of catching the divisional front-runners,  the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.  Of course, […]

RamsHerd on the Radio: Super Bowl Preview

The latest episode of the Shields of Dreams radio show took place during the second half of the AFC Championship game, with Baltimore and New England locked up at 14-13. Co-hosts Tim and Vinnie had to keep one eye on the scoreboard while keeping the conversation flowing. Guest list: Robert McBride, head coach of Lansing […]

Anatomy of a Play: Brandon Gibson goes up for a game-winner

Situation: 2nd and 10 from the Bills 13, 0:47 left in the 4th Quarter, trailing by 5 Personnel: 10 Play: Trips Right, Gun Left, 148 W Corner / Sneak Defense: Cover-1 Man Free This week we look at Brandon Gibson’s game-winning touchdown late in the 4th Quarter this past week against the Bills.  The Rams come out […]

Anatomy of a Play: Steven Jackson breaks off a huge cutback run

Situation: 1st and 10 from the Rams 8 yard line, trailing by 3 with 11:11 left in the 3rd Quarter.  Personnel: 12 Play: Duece Left Slot F Jam 26 Stretch  Defense: Indy Base Cover 1 After a sluggish 1st half showing by the Rams offense, the offense gets the spark it needed on the 1st offensive […]

Anatomy of a Play: Austin Pettis beats a Rex Ryan blitz

Situation: 3rd and 4 from the STL 47, 6:12 left in the 1st Quarter, tied at 0 Personnel: 10  Play: 4-vert Defense: 2-3-6 Dime, Cover-3 Zone Blitz Last Sunday marked the first time that Sam Bradford had faced a Rex Ryan defense, and the results generally did not go well. Bradford and the OL struggled to recognize […]

Anatomy Of A Play: Steven Jackson Finds Running Room

In recent weeks, the Rams rushing attack has taken off. Call it an adjustment on the part of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Credit SJ39 for finally being healthy. Whatever it is, it is working.  The Rams have called on Steven the last three weeks and he has responded very well. SJ39 has had 81 carries […]

Anatomy Of A Loss: Rams Lose The Game Of Inches. Twice.

I've tried to remain open-minded about the progress of this team.  I knew it would be hard for this team, with the schedule the Rams were given through the first half of the season, to have a better record than last season. But my faith in this team, its path and its head coach has […]

Grades For The Monday Night Flop

Dominique Hixon gets credit for the catch. Craig Dahl gets the blame for the coverage. I always hate to lose.  But, I hate it the most when you outplay the other team.  You know the game when you beat not just your opponent but yourself.  Monday Night’s 28-16 loss was a tough one to watch.  […]

Monday Night Football: Critical matchups for the Rams vs Giants

We’re two hours before kickoff, and one crucial matchup has already been determined: Steven Jackson vs his conditioning test. After failing to “look fluid” in a 40-yard dash, as Bernie Miklasz put it, the Rams’ workhorse has been stabled. (Cadillac Williams owners in fantasy all take a deep breath of relief.) With that out of […]